About R&J Engineering

Established in 2017, R&J Engineering’s staff have over 80 years of experience between them in the bearings, seals & chains industry. Since humble beginnings in the directors’ dining room, R&J Engineering has gone from strength to strength and four years later they have two West Midlands based premises with imminent plans for future growth.

Partnered with OGL since: 2020

Company Location: Birmingham

Company Website: https://www.bestbearingsonline.co.uk/

Supplying bearings to a growing customer base across Birmingham and its surrounding areas, R&J Engineering recognised the limitations of its legacy software in managing its daily operations.

The owner of R&J Engineering explained, “We initially started the company on Sage which was very localised to my laptop. It was good for accounting purposes but lacked inventory and that was a big drawback. If we wanted to use it with multiple computers we then had to upgrade to a different version of the software, so the costs eventually outran the value. We then decided to move to Xero which primarily focused on the product but didn’t have the accountancy capability we needed”.

With the challenges faced in Sage & Xero, R&J Engineering began the process of looking for a better, comprehensive ERP solution. To meet future business goals, and to become more efficient in their day-to-day processes, R&J Engineering chose cloud ERP system, Profit4, to help them automate existing manual processes and enable them to scale without additional resources.

The owner commented, “We did trial software where you had your main package and then you bolted onto it, but it wasn’t robust enough and created more work within the business to do that, this would have held our growth plans back”

“We made the call quite quickly after speaking to OGL to move to Profit4. Our old software was letting us down and we were losing money fast. OGL understood our business needs and urgency from day one which ensured an efficient install and delivery. That was essential, not only for go live but for future investment in our employees too. We didn’t want to spend 4 weeks training on software, we wanted to know it could be picked up quickly rather than needing a full degree to use the program. Profit4 is very user friendly, and I have to say the training was second to none. Even after go-live we feel supported with any questions we have. Nothing is too much bother and the staff are always at the end of the phone if we need any support. They are all people people, they aren’t above anybody else and they understand modern challenges.”

Laying the foundations for future success

Profit4 has a centralised platform, eliminating the need for excess time spent duplicating tasks, or searching for information on disparate systems. Profit4 has given R&J Engineering the necessary tool to increase visibility, gain control and drive the business to the next level:

“Our biggest challenge as a company was our inventory management. We now know where our products are, how much we paid, what branch they are in and how much we should sell products for.  Previously all that information was inside my head. We have everything within Profit4, the inventory is there, the accounts are in there, the POS is there, everything we need is built into it.”

With Profit4 in place, the business was able to achieve its peak period to date, when it turned over a 25% increase in profits last year:

“Profit4 has completely reorganised our company to help us become more profitable. We manage it completely from Profit4 now. We needed the infrastructure in place whereby if a person was off, anyone could pick up what orders were on, when we were expecting items and what stock levels we had, without the need to do manual checks. That has been integral to the growth of our company. Having all that information readily available, not just on the premises but on iPads, our mobiles and laptops is incredible. I wonder how we would have got through the pandemic without Profit4.”

R&J Engineering has also seen a vast improvement to the customer service they are able to provide:

“Customers come back to us and stay with us due to the service journey they get. The product itself you can buy anywhere but the service they get makes us unique within our trade. When we used to get a telephone call from a customer, we would have to go and find a pricing catalogue to be able to quote them. Now we can go from a telephone call, to raising an order, right through to despatch in the same call because we have all the information we need to hand. That’s mitigated so much time for us. It used to take hours of my day putting information in all of the right places. Now, in a few clicks, that information is where it needs to be and is visible to those who need to see it.”

“One of the biggest issues Profit4 has resolved for us is our invoicing process. With how businesses have changed, invoices need to be sent daily now. We wanted to be able to click a button and the invoices are sent, rather than typing everything up which could be a full day’s work. Now, with a click of a button, the delivery note is there, and an order confirmation is in the customer’s email. It eliminates so many errors.”

Looking to the future

Now that R&J Engineering has an effective cloud ERP system in place, their long-term vision is to grow into a national retailer for engineering supplies.

R&J Engineering commented: “The biggest reason we took on Profit4 was to expand our branches. None of the software we could find was robust enough for more than one branch, but I knew Profit4 could take us up to multiple branches without a massive upgrade and without massive cost implications. Within Profit4 we can scale quite quickly from the program now. We have complete confidence in our vision with OGL supporting us. Profit4 has helped unleash us into the future and is going to grow our business rapidly.”

When asked what advice the owner of R&J Engineering would give to other businesses who are struggling with limited systems and manual processes but are unsure whether to invest in a full ERP system, he said, “Don’t necessarily look at the costs on day one, look at the long-term value it’s going to bring to your company. With Profit4 I recouped those costs very quickly. Of the directors and employees that I talk to most of their issues could be resolved by their software. I would 100% recommend Profit4, not only for an industry like ours but for any trade”.

"Profit4 has completely reorganised our company to help us become more profitable, with profits increasing by 25% since launch. We manage our business completely from Profit4 now."

Ryan Creighton

Managing Director, R&J Engineering

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