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Cost-effective first line protection

With cyber-crime increasing year-on-year it’s no longer if you will be targeted, but when. Our anti-virus solution provides security against viruses and worm-based threats and should be your minimum cyber security requirement in today’s modern business environment.

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    Real-time, multi-layered protection
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    Rapid response to suspected malware threats
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    Support for employee owned devices
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    Enable mobile access and secure BYOD
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    Tailored to meet your corporate security policies

Unfortunately, the threat from cyber-crime isn’t going to stop any time soon, in fact, it’s increasing at an exponential rate. More and more businesses are now adapting their budgets and investing in a cyber security strategy.

The very basic requirement needed for all businesses is a robust anti-virus solution.

What is a virus?

This may seem like an easy question to answer but with new viruses emerging on a daily basis, it can be quite confusing.

At the very basic level, a virus is a computer program that is loaded on your device without your knowledge and with the intent of causing damage to your IT system. The source and damage can vary depending on what kind of virus has been inflicted. They can start off seemingly appearing to cause little damage to stay undetected or they can wipe out entire contents of your hard disk at the click of a button.

This leads to an important question…

How do I know if I have a virus?

There are many issues that could happen to make your device not able to work to its potential, and most of the time it won’t be a virus.

The only way you can know whether or not your device is infected is by scanning your machine with an up-to-date anti-virus program. This will tell you what virus your machine is infected with and also what steps to take to remove it.

It’s not worth the risk to be unaware, and ultimately the question is…

How we can help?

By working closely with Kaspersky, we can offer a robust anti-virus solution: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, which can help protect your networks from viruses and worms. By installing this product, it can offer a single security solution which can be easily managed in one central administration console.

We are one of only a few businesses within the UK to be a Kaspersky Platinum Partner. This prestigious accreditation ensures that we can offer the highest levels of security for your business and have access to exceptional knowledge, advice and skills from their world-renowned security professionals.

Interested in next-generation anti-virus?

If you wanted to take your security to the next level, we can provide a more advanced anti-virus product, Carbon Black Defense, a next-generation anti-virus solution. This helps protect user endpoints by not only looking for

known viruses and malware, but also inspects files and identifies threats by analysing previous user's behaviour.

If you are interested in finding out more about our next-generation anti-virus product click here.

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