Chris Smith celebrates 10 years at OGL Software

10 Year Anniversary Header

A huge congratulations to Chris Smith who has reached his 10-year Long Service milestone.

We caught up with Chris' manager, Andrew Davies to find out more about Chris…

"I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Chris joined OGL Software! Chris began his journey at OGL as part of the prof.ITplus development team and he has helped contribute to a number of the company’s products during his time so far.

During his first few years at OGL, Chris gained a broad range of experience working with different technology and products, including prof.ITplus, and SalesVision. Based on the experience he had gained at this point, Chris took on the responsibility of Lead Developer for the ROAD product.

Chris Smith

2018 marked a significant point for Chris when he joined the Profit4 development team. Since joining the team, he has taken on more and more responsibility for the frontend technology used in Profit4 and is now the go to member of the team for anything React. Chris will never complain when asked for assistance and will often go the extra mile to help find a solution.

Ten years is a great milestone, and we sincerely congratulate you for the contribution you have made to the success of our software products and on being a great support for everyone in the team. Thank you, Chris."