Mark Digger celebrates 10 years at OGL Software

10 Year Anniversary Header

A huge congratulations to Mark Digger who has reached his 10-year Long Service milestone.

We caught up with Mark to find out more about his time at OGL so far…

"I came to work at OGL after working in the video games industry for around 12 years. Working at a small independent developer called Blitz Games, we made some true classics including Barbie Horse Adventures, Reservoir Dogs, Nickelodeon titles and loads of Research and Development projects including the Coca Cola Super Bowl XLVI Polar Bears live advertising campaign. The review scores weren’t always the best, but the company was a great place to work, even testing a game at 4am. Sadly, it closed its doors in 2013 and with the industry as volatile as it was back then I decided to look at changing career paths and applied to OGL for a Data Analyst role working in the Software Delivery Team, transferring data from customers' current system to prof.ITplus. After doing that for a while I moved to support under Sharon’s guidance; I still do transfers and a lot of other data based projects for the delivery team, mostly for oneparticular customer.

I’ve often joked that I came to OGL with the intention of working here for 6 months before moving on.  Ten years later…

Favourite aspects of my job which is by far and away the absolute standout for me is the team I work in; the Bridge Team is always busy, often relentless, but due to the input and work ethic all the team members have, it’s a really solid team.  

I’ve been told I’m a very calm person, even when things are exploding around me, for that to be recognised about me I’m quite pleased with.

My first day at OGL almost resulted in a concussion in the farmhouse. During my induction, Dom and myself were walking into the farmhouse building, but what I hadn’t spotted was the low beam above my head. I should have known better, old building, exposed beams etc, Dom might be able to describe the sound it made as my head hit the beam! The HR guy at the time looked very concerned  (from what I could tell, he kept drifting in and out of focus), I was 6 foot 5 when I started here, think I’ve lost an inch thanks to that moment, so even from day 1 at OGL my height has been causing issues.  

I also think that for a long time I had one of the greatest differences between my OGL photo and how I actually looked!

And finally I’ve never known working at OGL without Calum, which I’m not sure how I feel about. Take from that what you will."

Mark Digger receiving gift

Mark's manager, Charlie Grant commented:

“Mark has been an integral part of the company for the past decade, exhibiting remarkable growth and development throughout his time at OGL. Starting in the prof.ITplus data transfer role, he swiftly became the go to person for anything data related. From the experience and knowledge he obtained working in the delivery team Mark then made the transition into the Software Support Team, where he has continued to showcase his adaptability and ability to grow into his role to take on additional responsibilities. 

Nothing phases Mark, he is willing to take on any challenge and never shy’s away from getting involved. Mark has more recently been involved in deciphering CCRs that are presented during our Development CCR meeting. As I’m sure you can imagine, the content & detail sent from our customers can sometimes be a little difficult to unpick!! and Mark was introduced to help represent the customers' thinking and relay that to the developers. He has taken that task on and with the team around him, they and Mark have helped the process be much more effective.   

As we know, for some customers, operating a business doesn’t stop and there have been numerous occasions over the years where I've reached out to Mark for help. Sometimes late evenings or weekends, Mark has always provided me with support and helped. Even with our recent month end challenges with some customers, Mark has been on standby to help and support me and the customers, thank you Mark.  

Mark’s journey within the company has been marked by progression, culminating in his current position as the Lead Technical Services Consultant. This advancement speaks volumes about his dedication, expertise, and personal approach. Mark's evolution from handling data transfer to providing support and ultimately steering technical initiatives exemplifies his versatility and willingness to embrace challenges. 

It's clear to see that Mark has immense appreciation and admiration from both customers and colleagues. His calm and considered approach, combined with a collaborative and amicable demeanor, have made him a star within the support & wider teams. 

Thank you Mark for a fantastic 10 years and here’s to the next 10 !!!!"