Accessible enterprise-grade security

Our firewall solution makes enterprise-grade security accessible to businesses of all types and sizes through its innovative global leading technology.

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    Basic security needed for every organisation
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    Block malware threats
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    Easy to install & straight-forward to configure
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    Meet certification & industry requirements
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    A cost effective approach to IT security

Brands across all sectors turn to OGL for their IT solutions

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An effective, real-time solution

With so much choice, it can be a headache for businesses to choose the right security products that will protect their company.

Every organisation needs protecting, it’s a given for businesses in the 21st century. At the very least, companies should have a firewall installed.

If not, your business is at a very high risk of several viruses that can seriously disrupt, or even potentially shut down your business.

What to look for in your firewall?

When choosing a security solution, you need product software that can look for email activity with web-borne malware in real-time to help prevent any unauthorised activity from entering your network.

A firewall from OGL offers this while adding an extra layer of protection. 

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A versatile, cost-effective solution

Our firewall solution is a simple and traditional way to help block unwanted threats to your network and offers the best-in-class security service without the cost or complexity.

It can be implemented via physical or virtual cloud-based Fireboxes and is easily scalable.

Our solution also promises "the fastest UTM performance at all price points".

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Meet GDPR requirements

A robust firewall can also help you to achieve industry accreditations, which in a post-GDPR-era is essential. Having evidence to show your prospects and customers that you are taking steps to improve your cyber security by installing a firewall adds extra confidence for your clients.

With the increasing use of email and exponential growth in data volumes, becoming GDPR compliant is a must. Installing a firewall at your location is a necessity needed to help you adhere to GDPR’s regulations.

If your industry either requires or recommends that you look into obtaining a Cyber Essentials certification, you HAVE to use a firewall to protect all your devices, particularly those that connect to public Wi-Fi networks.

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Interested in a Managed Firewall Solution?

If you want to take your security to the next level, our sister company, CyberGuard Technologies, can provide a fully Managed Firewall service.

A fully managed firewall not only monitors and maintains your firewall to make sure it’s up-to-date with the latest security patches, but it also provides a detailed analysis of user and traffic behaviour, making it a much more proactive solution.


We now have firewalls in place to help block unwanted traffic, which helps in keeping our IT infrastructure secure.


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