Add an extra layer of protection

When installed, our Multi-Factor Authentication will ask for an individual's username, password and a third layer of random authentication.

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    Turn weak passwords into strong passwords
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    Helps to comply with GDPR regulations
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    Recommended for remote workers
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    Reduces the risk from cyber threats

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Understanding Multi-Factor Authentication

How it works...

Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra element to the signing in process, offering an additional layer of protection.

This may be via a number of external devices, such as an extra password or pin number, a user key fob, finger, voice or eye recognition, or simply by their mobile phone.

Chances are, you’re probably already using it when logging into your online accounts such as your bank. It ultimately turns your weak password into a strong password.

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how multi-factor authentication works
benefits of multi-factor authentication

How it helps...

With the inherent threats of security breaches on IT systems and the rise in cyber-related crime it is imperative that you protect your systems. We strongly recommend businesses of all sizes implement Multi-Factor Authentication to add protection around user sign in.

This helps prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to your systems and confidential documents.

It may sound dramatic, but having this extra layer of protection can be the difference between being compromised and staying secure!

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Key benefits...

Easy to use 

Our Multi-Factor Authentication product makes two-factor or strong authentication easy to implement and manage. It’s been designed to take away many of the traditional pain points in authentication.

Comply with GDPR regulations

It can also help your business become more compliant. Everyone’s heard of GDPR, and even though there isn’t a single solution that can make your company GDPR compliant overnight, safeguarding your data by using MFA is certainly a step in the right direction. A study published by ENISA (the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) highly recommends Multi-Factor Authentication in order to help comply with GDPR.

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benefits of multi-factor authentication

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This is where our security has benefitted the most, and now we are safe in the knowledge that our laptop users have significantly greater data security, satisfying our need to secure personal and client data stored on our laptops.

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