Cindy Phillips celebrates 10 years at OGL Software

Cindy Phillips 10 Year Anniversary Header

A huge congratulations to Cindy Phillips who reached her 10 year Long Service milestone this week.

We caught up with Cindy to find out more about her time at OGL so far…

"It doesn’t seem like 10 years ago that I was coming in for, what was probably the most intense (but weirdly enjoyable) interview. I can only describe it as OGL’s own version of The Apprentice. There were 4 of us that had been shortlisted and it’s the only interview I’ve had where all 4 candidates were in the building at the same time. I remember sitting in reception with the other 3 candidates and inevitably you start to try and get the measure of your competition. We had been set a number of tasks to present on during the day so at each stage we went into a different room to present a task and then we were regrouped back in reception which just added to the tension.

"Tasks included ideas for a sponsorship campaign as well as a launch for OGL’s new cloud services (proud to say that CloudSuite was that idea that was then adopted when I joined). I had done so much prep, but it was still very nerve racking sat in front of Debbie Barton and Jan Walsh in one session and Paul Colwell and Neil Morris in another and being grilled on your ideas. However, oddly I also felt very relaxed and instantly warmed to everyone I met and knew I really wanted this job. The final challenge was a proofreading test set by Neil Morris. Now I knew this was a strength of mine – I am known for my eagle eyes when spotting grammatical and spelling errors and apparently, I passed with flying colours!

"And it’s been a voyage of discovery ever since. Not only has the industry and the technology continually evolved (which keeps life interesting for marketers) but the role and perception of marketing within OGL has also transformed which is so exciting to see. When Deb returned from her “retirement” to review a number of areas in the business, that became a real turning point for Marketing as she spent time getting to know more about what we do and how we could have a greater impact on the business. I am so grateful to her for her support and the faith she has shown in me to drive us forward. I am very proud of what the marketing team has achieved, and I am very lucky to have such a talented team around me. I know it’s said a lot, but that’s probably because it’s true – we employ amazing people and that’s what makes coming to work every day such a pleasure.

"I love marketing, always have, but I wouldn’t describe my job at OGL as a typical marketing job as I am lucky enough to get involved in all sorts of other projects from internal comms and building the new Blogle, to working with contractors on cladding colours for the buildings! It really can be very random. And of course, I am also lucky enough to organise company events such as the Pizza Party and the Dinner & Dance which is great fun albeit stressful at times – Deb and I have spent many hours mulling over table seating plans and preparing awards speeches!

"10 years have passed so fast and I’ve enjoyed ‘almost’ every minute of it and now we are just focused on Software I am looking forward to seeing what exciting new opportunities await us."

Cindy Phillips receiving 10 year anniversary gift

Cindy's manager, Debbie Barton added:

"I can remember Neil Morris and I interviewing Cindy back in late 2012. We had decided to do a round robin of Marketing Manager interviews in one day, and as soon as we both met Cindy, she blew all the other candidates out of the water, we just knew she was the right fit for us! She had infectious enthusiasm, was full of great ideas and most importantly was a really lovely person.

"Over the following few years Cindy primarily worked with our Sales Teams growing our marketing function and extending the reach of OGL to both our new and existing customers. However, Cindy’s talents did not stop there, there was a very important accolade that she could add to her impressive portfolio of skills... Party Organiser! Cindy pulled together some amazing, themed staff functions at the Chateau Impney.

"Back in January 2020, my first project (on return from a very short-lived retirement) was to work with Cindy to review how the Marketing Team was being utilised throughout the company. Cindy worked tirelessly to change the perception of the marketing function within OGL, to make it an indispensable asset to the company, supporting and driving sales in a way that is measurable and financially transparent. Cindy achieved her goal, in 2022 a whopping 63% of new business was achieved through marketing led activity, a fantastic testament to her and her team. I know how much the Software Sales Team appreciate all Cindy’s efforts.

"Cindy is fantastic to work with, she always goes over and above, she has got such a positive can-do attitude to everything she does and most importantly she cares. I am sure everyone will join me in congratulating, and thanking, Cindy for her 10 years of service to the business. Thank you for the enormous contribution you have made it really is very much appreciated. Here’s to the next party..."