• Explore the possibilities of the cloud…

    Many businesses are seeing huge benefits of cloud computing services from OGL. We can offer fully managed cloud infrastructure solutions and services to transform your business into a modern working environment with built-in business continuity.

    The advantages of cloud computing include scalability, increased mobility, with little or no significant capital expenditure, reducing IT management costs, whilst automating updates and providing your employees with a more flexible working environment. 

    Our enterprise cloud services also enable you to benefit from various payment options, including pay-as-you-use and subscription based financial models to suit your business needs.

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    Multiple cloud business solutions to suit your needs

    Work smarter, more efficiently, and increase collaboration using our range of hosted cloud solutions.

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    Taking OGL’s advice, we realised that the Cloud was the only option going forward, if we wanted to continue progressing. We saw a positive impact immediately and it freed up over 50Gb of server space. It allowed us to work much more effectively and kept our operations running smoothly.

    Excelsior Panelling Systems

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    IT Solutions Success Stories

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read real accounts of how we’ve digitally transformed our customers' business.

  • Guide to Achieving Digital Transformation with Microsoft 365

    Our M365 guide provides advice and guidance on how to maximise the use of the features within Microsoft 365 to achieve full digital transformation.…

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    Why invest in Cloud Computing?

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      Dedicated IT experts to assist your needs
    • Cloud Computing icon#2
      Fully manageable
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      Cost-effective (no hardware costs)
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      Multiple cloud options
    • Cloud Computing icon#5
      Maximum security in our Data Centre
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