Explore the possibilities enabled by cloud computing

  • High availability
  • Fully managed
  • Highly accessible (supports users worldwide)
  • Minimum capital investment
  • Pay for what you use
  • Fully scalable
  • Support included
  • Upgrades included

Our specialists can architect, design, deploy and manage any type of cloud solution, based on business needs

We have made a significant investment in our very own cloud platform so we can provide the highest-grade of cloud (or ‘hosted’) products and services to our customers. The main benefit being that it cuts out the high up-front cost of expensive onsite hardware. By commissioning cloud services from OGL you can pay on a monthly basis and will use our state-of-the-art cloud facility rather than your own servers.

Whatever you’re looking for, our cloud teams are almost definitely already doing it for other businesses like yours.

Our highly experienced team look after cloud services for small businesses who just want a simple cloud email service. They also manage services for multi-location sites with hundreds of users who have complex, cloud-based virtualised infrastructures. As well as everything in between.

Cloud computing in a nutshell

In simple terms, cloud computing is the storage and accessing of data and applications over the internet instead of from a computer's local hard drive. 

Using cloud services means you could save your files to the cloud and then download them (using an internet connection) from a different location using a different device. That’s a basic explanation and example of a cloud service; there’s many other beneficial ways to utilise the cloud for collaborative projects, remote working, email, backup, disaster recovery and data storage & sharing. All of which our experts can advise on.

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The OGL Cloud

The OGL Cloud is our very own highly advanced and secure platform that delivers incredible benefits for businesses looking to host their IT in the cloud.  We continually invest in the latest technologies to benefit all our customers.

Hosted Desktops

Gain the freedom to access your desktop and all its applications wherever there’s an internet connection. You'll no longer be tied to the office so you can offer your staff greater flexibility and in return they can work in a more productive manner.

Cloud Data Storage & Sharing

Whether your business requires an all-encompassing data back-up solution, instant access to files away from the office or, more simply, a way to share documents with colleagues and customers, we have a cloud solution to meet your needs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprise-grade infrastructures available to all businesses via the cloud.  We offer private, public and hybrid solutions to meet your individual needs and budget.

Cloud Email

Office 365 from Microsoft incorporates Outlook, Microsoft’s cloud-based email solution, as well as a whole host of other workplace tools.

Our Data Centre

Utilising the cloud to backup and, if ever needed, recover your data, brings a lot of benefits. One of the key things being its location away from your premises. 


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