Colin Stephens celebrates 15 years at OGL Software

Colin Stephens 15 Year Anniversary Header

A huge congratulations to Colin Stephens who reached his 15 year Long Service milestone this week.

We caught up with Colin to find out more about his time at OGL so far…

"My 15 years at OGL have been a varied path as anyone who’s worked with me knows.  I came to working at OGL on a sales apprenticeship intake. This involved taking part in a 12-week course taught by Jan Walsh who moulded me in the ways of OGL sales.  Selling was my passion back then and I have to say I was very good at it.  Although, I never got the chance to sell for OGL as before I began my sales role on completion of the sales course, I was given the opportunity of taking on a role within the Finance team purchasing for OGL.  This was a complete unknown for me, but I soon found my feet and over the coming years went on to manage the Purchasing team before then being asked to manage other teams within OGL alongside the Purchasing team.  

"After 11 years however, I found the purchasing world to be one I had done everything I could in, and I was now ready for a new challenge.  So, I made the leap over to OGL Software stepping out of management to start a new role as a Software Implementation Consultant.  This role became the role I fell in love with.  I have never done a role and enjoyed it as much as I did this role.  Every day was a fresh challenge, a new customer to work with and some of the customer relationships I have formed over the years have been truly rewarding on a personal level.  Our customers really made this role for me, and I would have done this role until the end of time.  However, I was asked to step back into management and take on the Profit4 Support team out of the blue.  Never one to shy away from a challenge I jumped at the chance and am so glad I did, I thoroughly enjoyed the support role and working with this team who were all so fantastic they made it a fantastic time.  Then more recently I have been asked to move over to lead the Software Delivery team who have been very welcoming and supportive as I take on yet another challenge in my ongoing career at OGL. So, I’m looking forward to the next lot of challenges coming my way through 2023.

"People always ask me why I’ve stayed with OGL for so long and the simple answer is the people. From the top to the bottom of the OGL roster I have always had nothing but friendship, laughter and support from everyone I have worked with.  I’ve been given opportunity after opportunity and have been tried and tested over the years with many challenges and have been supported fully all the way.  I honestly say to anyone looking for opportunity, it is here for you at OGL – you simply have to step forward and tell your line manager you want it and ask what you need to do to progress and OGL will support, guide and reward your hard work.  They certainly have for me!!

"My biggest achievements haven’t been my own in my eyes. In my eyes my biggest achievements have been the people I have helped moved onwards and upwards themselves over the years.  I won’t name them here, but they know how much pride I’ve taken in seeing them progress and achieve.  My favourite aspect of working at OGL has been the people I have worked with, especially in the software team.  I have made some true lifelong friends and I value each of them so highly I cannot put it into words.

"When thinking about any funny or memorable moments, I have too many to even begin to single one out.  But I want to take this chance to thank everyone who has laughed with me over the years, you have made my time at OGL an absolute joy."

Colin Stephens receiving gift from OGL Software

Colin's manager, Carl Hillier added:

"Success never comes in a day. It comes with strong determination and with hard work, and Colin is an example of this. Colin can never say no to a challenge, he approaches each day and each task with an open mind and a strong will to support, improve and grow not only the people he works with but OGL Software as a business.

"Colin joined the Software team in 2018 from Central Services, as a Software Implementation Consultant for prof.ITplus. I remember being part of conversations where people were amazed at how quickly Colin had got to grips with the system in its entirety and his ability to adapt to customers whilst delivering first class service. He soon became a go to person for prof.ITplus. It was because of his ability to learn quickly and efficiently that he was asked to move across to be an Implementation Consultant for Profit4, again Colin was able to absorb, consult and train on the product with ease.

"This dedication and focus are what led to Colin becoming our first official Profit4 Support Manager. He was part of the early inception of the team and was responsible for developing and growing the team to what we see today.

"When the opportunity presented itself for the vacancy of the Delivery Manager position Colin was the clear and obvious choice with his proactive, professional, and kind nature. From day one, Colin has truly got stuck in. It has been challenging with a lot of fact finding, planning, and creating the positive change needed in 2023, all whilst ensuring business as usual isn’t impacted. Colin always seeks out feedback and guidance which only strengthens his determination and success.

"Thank you for all that you do Colin, when I look at our company values - Innovation, Teamwork, Excellence, and Integrity I see examples daily of how you embrace and live these values in your role, with your teams and the wider business. 

"Congratulations on 15 years with all that you have achieved and will continue to achieve."