• Achieving cyber security certification with CyberGuard 

    The UK Government believes that being Cyber Essentials accredited could prevent “around 80% of cyber-attacks” and is crucial in improving your cyber security. Additionally, with the arrival of GDPR in 2018, being compliant and holding accreditations that evidence your business is adhering to the best practices are essential in today’s modern working environment.  

    Effective April 2020, the NCSC announced that it had awarded IASME a 5-year contract to take over full responsibility for the delivery of Cyber Essentials certifications. This means that only IASME approved certification bodies can now provide you with your Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification. CyberGuard is proud to be an IASME approved provider.

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    There’s no better time to become certified

    Some industries now require certain certifications. Find out which accreditation is right for your business…

  • “CyberGuard has also helped us become Cyber Essentials compliant. As a responsible business we thought it was important to be accredited as this gives us evidence that we’re committed to working securely.”

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    Cyber Security Success Stories

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read real accounts of how we’ve strengthened our customers’ cyber security…

  • Essential protection for any UK business

    Our Cyber Team can guide your business through the steps to accreditation with the minimum of fuss.

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    Why invest in Cyber Certification?

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      A Government-backed accreditation scheme
    • Cyber Security Certification icon#2
      Required as a quality standard in many industries
    • Cyber Security Certification icon#3
      Full support from our cyber experts
    • Cyber Security Certification icon#4
      Evidence your company’s commitment to working securely
    • Cyber Security Certification icon#5
      Detect emerging threats before they can harm
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    Why get Cyber Essentials Plus certified?

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