• The threats are real. The impacts are severe.

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    CyberGuard Technologies (an independent company within the OGL Computer Services Group) provides the very best in IT security for businesses across the UK looking for premium IT performance in a protected, secure environment.

    Our cyber defences protect businesses from the potential devastation of an attack from cyber criminals. That includes defending your finances, your identity, your reputation, your data and your customers’ confidential information.

    In today’s business world, organisations must protect against a myriad of constantly changing attack methods, including hijacked systems, stolen credentials, rogue insiders, ransomware, malware, CEO fraud and compliance failure. Not to mention employee ignorance which can lead to unintentional security breaches.

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    Managed cyber security services, delivered by experts

    Get the conversation started. Before it’s too late.

    • Comprehensive security testing services
    • Fully-managed detect & respond services
    • Engaging training delivered by experts
    • Cyber Essentials / IASME Gold certification & compliance
    • Ongoing access to cyber security expertise
  • Managed cyber security services, delivered by experts

    Our team is highly qualified and experienced, and has access to the very latest in threat protection products. It is our business to continually research and understand the ever-changing nature of the dark web and build the toughest of defences around the businesses we protect.

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    “Cyber-crime is fast becoming a threat to all businesses, not just large institutions.  That’s why CyberGuard was set up to help typical UK businesses, of all sizes, move from a reactive to proactive approach to protecting themselves.  Utilising the latest technologies, we give our customers visibility of what’s happening on their network and take action to reduce the risk of attack.”

    Paul Colwell
    Technical Director, CyberGuard Technologies

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    • 16 May

      How do you know you are at risk from Cyber threats?

      Posted by Jamie Turvey, Marketing Executive

      We see it every day in the news; another business has been the latest victim of an ever-growing crime. It’s no longer a surprise, cyber-crime is part and parcel of the 21st century. However, it’s not just major businesses being targeted, more and more cyber-attacks are aimed at small ...

    • 17 Jan

      Four steps to cyber security peace of mind

      Posted by Paul Colwell, Technical Director

      Achieving cyber security no longer needs to feel daunting. The CyberGuard team offers a fully managed service to protect your business from internet-based attacks – whatever its size, type or the threats that it faces. Our team is highly qualified and experienced, and has access to the very...

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