• Endless Benefits

    Cyber security courses are known to improve the risk management process of small and large businesses alike. Having staff with good security awareness will minimise the likelihood of a cyber incident and improve the safeguarding of personal data.

    From on-site security and cyber awareness training, to high level advanced learning courses, you'll drive home the importance of due diligence in the fight against cyber-crime. We offer our training both remotely and on-site to suit your needs and requirements. 

    Information Security Experts

    By partnering with CyberGuard, you'll have regular access to our cyber experts. Our consultants have undertaken rigorous training and earned numerous cyber security certifications to enable them to spot emerging threats and understand how to act in the event of a cyber-attack. Those customers who have our managed security services also benefit from 24/7 support from our dedicated UK SOC.

    Bespoke Cyber Security Training

    We understand the importance of regular, engaging methods of educating staff on how they can help prevent your company from falling victim to cyber-attacks. We offer thorough cyber security awareness training to teach employees about data storage, application downloads, passwords, spam email, backing up work and much more.

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    Comprehensive Cyber Security Training Courses

    It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest cyber protection available, unfortunately, cyber security is only as strong as your least cyber-savvy member of staff.

  • “Our biggest threat came from our own users and when we talked this through with CyberGuard, we felt reassured by their in-depth knowledge and resources and knew that they could help us. Since partnering with CyberGuard they have provided us with greater security awareness and encouraged us to inform and educate our members of staff of potential cyber-threats.”

    Conveyor Units

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    Cyber Security Success Stories

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read real accounts of how we’ve strengthened our customers’ cyber security…

  • Expert Cyber Security Awareness Training

    Staff should be regularly reminded of the  dangers they can present and encouraged to become a active part of your company's cyber security strategy.

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    Why invest in Cyber Security Training?

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      Various training methods to suit your business
    • Cyber Security Training icon#2
      Industry experts delivering focused classes
    • Cyber Security Training icon#3
      Keep up-to-date with the latest threats
    • Cyber Security Training icon#4
      Enhance your employees' knowledge
    • Cyber Security Training icon#5
      Boost confidence in your employees
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