• Cyber security by industry leading, CREST accredited experts

    More often than not, businesses do not have time or dedicated resources for managing cyber security and are unable to keep abreast of the rapidly changing threat landscape. Our suite of Detect & Respond services proactively protect and defend businesses from cyber-attacks, by detecting cyber-threats and putting measures in place to help protect your organisation and keep it running smoothly.

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    Cyber security by leading professionals

    How do you know you are at risk from a cyber-threat? You don’t, but we do and we’re here to help…

  • "Prior to CyberGuard, we had a traditional firewall and anti-virus product. However, these don’t block image files downloaded from the internet and this allows the attacker to sneak in the malicious code. We wanted something that could proactively protect us, and this is where CyberGuard’s Detect & Respond Services fit seamlessly into our business activities.”

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    Cyber Security Success Stories

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read real accounts of how we’ve strengthened our customers’ cyber security…

  • Do you know the dangers of social engineering and phishing?

    Download our guide which covers exactly what social engineering and phising is, the danger to your business, how to recognise the cyber threats and how you can implement protection.

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    Why invest in a Managed Detect & Respond service?

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      CREST and OSCP accredited
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      Reduce downtime and increase performance
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      Regular monitoring and threat inspection
    • Managed Detect & Respond icon#4
      World-class, advanced security products
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      Access to cyber security experts
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