Hosted Desktops

The true remote working experience

Having hosted desktops is the simple process of moving your PC into the cloud. Instead of needing an office restricted PC that’s preloaded with the relevant applications and programs, you can use a thin client, laptop, smartphone, tablet or indeed a PC to access everything you need from the cloud, from any location with an internet connection.

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    Whole host of indispensable office applications
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    Improve employees’ productivity
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    Easy to use
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    Increase your security
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    Build a modern, flexible working environment

Are you experiencing the benefits of remote working?

Imagine the convenience of being able to access all your applications, files, programmes and emails from any device with an internet connection.

Flexible working options are standard for many workplaces these days; hosted desktops truly make it possible for staff to increase their productivity away from the traditional office environment.

Benefits for employees…

The benefits to your workers are immense. Happy workers are good employees. According to a survey from Global Workplace, 86% of employees say they are more productive working from home.

Whether it’s during their commute, at an event, in a customer meeting, offsite or at home, if they have an internet connection, access to their full desktop is readily available. It creates a great sense of freedom for employees to work in ways that best delivers their objectives, and creates a modern work ethos that employees will thrive in.

Benefits for IT Managers…

For IT managers, hosted desktops are much easier to manage than multiple PCs that all need their own applications, software upgrades and licensing. They’ll be able to have easy access to a central dashboard from which user permissions can be set and admin tasks carried out. Alternatively, if you don’t have your own internal IT resource, we can happily manage the administration of the hosted desktop environment on your behalf.

Benefits for the Company…

For the company, it means you can ensure maximum productivity from staff that aren’t in the office and know they can access everything they need in a secure way to complete their task. You can also benefit from reduced capital expenditure as there’s no requirement for expensive onsite servers anymore; instead you’ll be using our state-of-the-art cloud servers in our data centre.

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“OGL’s hosted desktop service enables our teams to access our system whenever and wherever they need to. This makes it much easier to work when out and about with clients or from home. Work-life balance is really important to Whistle and the fact that people no longer need to be in the office all the time is key to this. It also makes us much more efficient and able to respond quickly to clients.”

Whistle PR

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