Hosted Desktops

A truly collaborative working environment

Hosted desktops provide the perfect solution for businesses wanting to maintain central control of access to all critical business data and applications whilst enabling their staff to work in a flexible way, regardless of their location. 

Hosted desktop solutions remove the need for maintaining individual high spec PCs pre-loaded with relevant applications and programs, as staff can use a thin client, laptop, smartphone, tablet or indeed a PC to access everything they need from the cloud, from any location with an internet connection.

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    Whole host of indispensable office applications
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    Improve employees’ productivity
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    Easy to use
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    Increase your security
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    Build a modern, flexible working environment

OGL Computer is an experienced provider of hosted desktop solutions across a wide variety of industries and sectors. Our cloud computing services bring a whole host of indispensable working applications, building a modern, flexible environment for our customers and stakeholders.

What is a hosted desktop?

A hosted desktop acts like a normal computer, except all data, user account information and applications are stored on a private server in another location. Moving to a hosted desktop enables remote working with constant access to files and applications. As everything is stored securely in private data centres, hosted desktops remove the risk and potential downtime in the event of hardware failure, thereby supporting your disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.

Are you optimising the way you work?

Imagine the convenience of being able to access all your applications, files, programmes and emails from any device with an internet connection and work with colleagues on key projects without the need to meet face-to-face in a single office.

Hosted Desktops provide a bespoke single user experience, managed centrally and tailored to their individual needs, enabling staff to work in a convenient and productive way.

Safe Remote Desktop Solutions

Hosted desktop services enable remote working with constant support from cloud-based solutions. Moving to a hosted desktop means that you can keep on working with ongoing access from any internet-connected PC. The hassle of maintaining hardware when working from home is often time-consuming and challenging. If your offices are closed, our virtual desktops provide peace of mind that the files hosted on our servers are secure at all times.

IT Integration

With hosted desktop solutions, you don't have to worry about migrating or copying data from one PC to another. Combine the framework of multiple offices and consolidate obsolete processes. Hosted desktops allow you to merge the infrastructure of multiple locations and maintain continuous access to all your information hosted in our data centre.

Benefits for employees…

The benefits of hosted desktop solutions to your workers are immense. Happy workers are good employees so enabling them to work flexibly and collaborate with colleagues without the need to commute to other offices or even customer sites, can really make their lives easier and optimise their productivity.

Benefits for IT Managers…

For IT managers, hosted desktops are much easier to manage than multiple PCs that all need their own applications, software upgrades and licensing. Our hosted desktop services enable easy access to a central dashboard from which user permissions can be set and admin tasks carried out. Alternatively, if you don’t have your own internal IT resource, we can happily manage the administration of the hosted desktop environment on your behalf. With hosted desktops you are safe in the knowledge that your company's files are secure at all times.

Benefits for the Company…

For the company, it means you can ensure maximum productivity from staff that aren’t in the office and know they can access everything they need in a secure way to complete their task. Hosted desktops also provide a cost-effective solution with reduced capital expenditure as there’s no requirement for expensive onsite servers anymore; instead you’ll be using our state-of-the-art cloud servers in our data centre. 

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“OGL’s hosted desktop service enables our teams to access our system whenever and wherever they need to. This makes it much easier to work when out and about with clients or from home. Work-life balance is really important to Whistle and the fact that people no longer need to be in the office all the time is key to this. It also makes us much more efficient and able to respond quickly to clients.”

Whistle PR

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