Why an HPE Gen10 server will improve your business

We all know there comes a time when we have to part-ways with something that, well, just doesn’t cut it anymore, whether that’s a pair of shoes or your mobile phone. The same can be said with your IT infrastructure. With constant changes within the IT industry, technological advances are frequent and can be confusing. And while the constant need to change can be frustrating, the changes happen for one reason; to deliver improvement.

At the heart of any good IT infrastructure is the server. As with a pair of shoes or a mobile phone, your server won’t get better with time. Like many things in life, it will get old and with age comes complications. You need to ask yourself two questions:

  • What would be the impact if your servers went offline today?
  • Could your business survive if the core of your IT infrastructure simply stops?

Unfortunately, it’s inevitable, the longer you’ve had your server, the less productive and secure it’ll be; it’s common sense. If you’ve had your server for a number of years, we highly recommend you don’t get left behind and consider a server refresh.

HPE produce the world’s most secure industry standard servers. Their Gen10 servers provide agility, security and economic control to businesses that require an updated modern server, whether that’s on or off premise. We’ve highlighted two key reasons why HPE’s Gen 10 range of servers can improve your business…  


If your server slows, business productivity slows with it. It’s no coincidence that a high performing server increases efficiency. HPE’s Gen 10 servers optimise performance with “Intelligent System Tuning” (IST). This new server tuning technology, which was developed by Intel exclusively for HPE servers, enables businesses to configure server resources to allow up to 10% performance improvements*.

IST also offers Workload Matching, which enables users to choose from pre-configured server profiles to automatically tune server resources to match common workloads allowing them to be more productive and save time.

HPE’s Gen10 servers also provide Jitter Smoothing. This patent-pending technology improves processor frequency by up to 12% over base with low latency and a more deterministic performance**.

Core Boosting is another capability within HPE’s Gen 10 servers. This allows users to maximise the performance of all the cores in their processor to deliver significant performance improvements while lowering core-based licensing costs and can reduce cost by 50%***.


We see it every day in the news; another business has been the latest victim. It’s no longer a surprise, cyber-crime is increasing. HPE has been aware of the increasing security threat and has taken steps within their Gen9 servers to counter this. Their new Gen10 products have significant improvements and provide industry leading protection against malware to help maintain business continuity, protect reputation and ensure regulatory compliance.

50% of cyber professionals reported incidences of malware infected firmware in 2016. Do you know whether you have corrupt firmware in your server environment? What would be the cost to your business if your servers went offline due to a firmware attack? If these are uneasy questions to answer, you’ll be glad to know that HPE Server Management Chip protects server firmware from manufacturing to the customer and through the server lifecycle, allowing HPE’s Gen 10 servers to be the world’s most secure industry standard server available on the market.

How OGL can help…

Having been in business for over 40 years, OGL has managed to build partnerships with many world-renowned IT vendors. We are proud to share a unique relationship with HPE, spanning over 20 years. This special partnership puts us in a privileged position with access to exclusive HP resources that enables us to provide an enhanced support service to our customers. This means we can offer you award-winning products with high quality service.

Over the years we've realised that not every business is the same and not one product can solve everyone's problems. We make it our mission to listen to businesses and to understand their IT concerns, so we can offer IT solutions to help solve their problems. If you think it's time to refresh your server, then we can offer a range of data storage and sharing solutions and have a number of different HPE server options that can suit your business needs.

For more information on refreshing your server visit our website: https://www.ogl.co.uk/networks-servers or alternatively, call us on 01299 873 873 and an IT infrastructure expert will be happy to help.


* Based on HPE Internal Lab analysis, April 2017

** HPE internal testing from the Performance Engineering Benchmarking team, April 2017

*** As compared to pricing comparison of the Intel 8180 28-core processor

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