IT Consultancy

In-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure

Let our Senior Technical Engineers and our Strategic Solutions Architects offer your organisation a more in-depth analysis of your current infrastructure and IT strategy. 

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    Advanced analysis
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    Full project management
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    Support throughout your move to OGL
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    In-depth reporting
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    The best technology, managed by experts

With a wealth of knowledge, our experienced Senior Technical Engineers and Strategic Solutions Architects have seen just about every type of IT infrastructure available. Their expertise, depth of knowledge and IT consulting services can help take your organisation to the next level.

Our enterprise IT consultants will visit your company to conduct in-depth analysis on your business processes, current infrastructure, IT strategy and the services you are currently using and then provide you with an easy to understand, detailed report of all our recommendations.

We also understand that each business requires an IT infrastructure to suit their needs, so our consultancy is tailored to what you want to achieve.

Full Project Management

Once you’re happy with OGL and invest in our services, our business IT consultancy doesn’t stop there. A senior consultant and planned services consultant will be assigned to the initial consultation phase to define the project scope, migration plan and to walk you through the process. Our lead consultants will then present a full scope of works document detailing the milestones to the project and available dates to commence.

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Speak to one of our IT experts to understand how can improve your business

“We met with OGL’s IT Solutions Architect and explained our situation. He was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Most importantly, however, OGL was enormously open and honest about the scale of the task and the potential risks from the start, whilst reassuring us that they could come up with solutions and were capable of delivering what was required.”


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Why OGL Computer?

Your business is only as good as your IT system. Make sure you take the time to know how we can improve your IT Infrastructure