A better way to use data

With businesses relying on data more than ever to monitor profitability, efficiency and productivity across a vast number of industries, being able to successfully harness data in a more meaningful way could give your business a competitive edge.

OGL IT Solutions offers support for the Microsoft Power Platform, a service designed to make projects such as data analysis, app building and task automation easier and more efficient. Continue reading to discover how Microsoft Power Platform can benefit your business.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a data analytics tool, designed to allow users to visualise and find insights within a business’ data set. Power BI enables you to create charts, track data, use AI models to forecast trends and make data driven decisions.

Power BI enables a business to collate their disparate data into bespoke, user-friendly dashboards, allowing employees to quickly access and create data models in a more meaningful and efficient way.

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Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps allows for the creation of business apps for use on Windows, Android, iOS and most internet browsers. By utilising drag and drop components, businesses are able to quickly and efficiently create apps for internal use.

Because Power Apps has been designed with user experience in mind, it allows quick prototyping and creation of apps, greatly reducing development time and improving productivity.

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Power Automate

Employees completing repetitive tasks can be both boring for the employee and inefficient for your business. Microsoft Power Automate allows businesses to create advanced automation workflows, reducing the amount of repetitive tasks for employees and in turn improving efficiency.

Power Automate also increases profitability by providing your workforce with powerful AI suggestions, improving the workflow and giving your employees more time to complete other projects.

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Microsoft Power Automate


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