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Whether you need remote IT support, a 4-hour on-site response or out of hours assistance, we specialise in offering bespoke business IT support packages. Our IT solutions are tailored to meet your business needs and your available budget.From disaster recovery and cloud computing, to enhanced cyber security services for your peace of mind, we will take away the stress of IT… 

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    Direct support from our service desk via phone, email, remote access login or in person
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    Managed services from a team of qualified engineers with a wealth of industry knowledge
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    Multiple IT Support packages to suit your business needs
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    Cost-effective and stress-free IT support
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    Friendly, fast and professional customer service

Ensuring your IT infrastructure is working to its optimum performance can be demanding on your internal resources. Whether that’s business-critical equipment such as servers, firewalls etc, or end user equipment enabling your staff to work effectively, you need an experienced IT solutions provider to facilitate it.

The health of your IT infrastructure also requires someone in your business (maybe that’s your IT Manager) to maintain a wide spectrum of knowledge to stay up to date with all the latest technologies, whilst juggling constant demands from your staff to fix their individual IT problems.

That’s why you need an experienced IT support company like OGL Computer. Our UK-based technical support engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning all the latest technologies. They are an experienced team of highly qualified professionals who can provide rapid and effective resolutions to all your IT problems, whether you have an on-premise IT infrastructure or you are using cloud solutions.

Dedicated, qualified and friendly IT experts

Over the years, we’ve listened to valuable customer feedback to strategically align our teams and prioritise your support queries within a package to suit you. Our engineers are keen problem solvers who have been through extensive internal training programmes to achieve high levels of qualifications and meet the stringent requirements of some of the industry’s highest accreditations.

We are proud of our team of experts, and invest heavily in their continuous development. Our goal is to ensure they deliver the highest standards of IT support services to our customers.

Our IT Support services go beyond just reacting to problems; we can also help with time-consuming end user administration such as password changes and setting up new users.

We are a recognised Microsoft Partner

We have built up a strong relationship with Microsoft over the past 20 years, ensuring our engineers are highly skilled and knowledgeable on the wide range of Microsoft’s products. We also have direct access to Microsoft’s own support teams. This allows us to cut out the distributor and give our customers a faster, more effective resolution to any Microsoft issues.


For those businesses that require a flexible support contract to ensure reliable cover for your business critical equipment as well as provide enhanced cyber security cover with guaranteed rapid response times, we are able to offer a combined pre-paid retainer contract, delivered in conjunction with our sister company, CyberGuard, to give customers access to proactive and reactive services from OGL’s experienced IT support teams as well as CyberGuard’s specialist SOC (Security Operations) team.

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Speak to one of our IT experts to understand how outsourced IT support from OGL can improve your operations and ensure greater business continuity.

"We understood that if we wanted to improve as a company, OGL was the right fit for us. We are now confident in our IT support and are looking to the future."

C Brandauer

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