About Joseph Ash Galvanizing

Joseph Ash Galvanizing is a UK leader of steel finishing services including galvanizing, spin galvanizing, shot blasting and powder coating. With 500 employees and eight plants in the UK they serve all types of customers from large construction companies and fabricators, to fencing and agricultural specifiers, government departments and even metal sculpture artists. The company was established in 1857 and the technical expertise and outstanding levels of customer care have been the guiding principles for the company during the last 150 years and remain at the core of the business today.

Number of Employees: 500

Partnered with OGL since: 2015

Company Location: Halesowen, West Midlands (with 7 further plants)

Company Website: www.josephash.co.uk

AlienVault: Essential in detecting Advanced Persistent Threats 

Back in 2015, OGL Computer upgraded Joseph Ash’s IT infrastructure and offered an enterprise-grade strategic solution designed to ensure their business operated efficiently and securely across its eight locations.

With cyber-attacks happening on a regular basis to businesses of all sizes, naturally, Joseph Ash wanted to take a proactive approach and improve their cyber security. They invested in AlienVault to monitor their network activity, Carbon Black Defense to help prevent attacks and have annual penetration tests on their systems to highlight any weaknesses open for attacks. We met with their IT Manager to see how our recommended solutions were helping improve their cyber security. “Previously, we were using McAfee anti-virus but wanted a more robust, up-to-date security platform that didn’t rely on the old outdated concept of virus definitions but offered next-generation anti-virus and additional security benefits. We were thrilled when CyberGuard offered us Carbon Black Defense, which helped solve our problem; a next-generation anti-virus product that identifies threats by analysing behaviour at the endpoint. We were also particularly happy that it was a lightweight ‘agent’ install too.”

Joseph Ash’s IT Manager continued: “As with any business, our IT systems are crucial to us and we were keen to invest in the full security package. After implementing Carbon Black Defense, it seemed a logical progression to install AlienVault as it further enhanced our system security, providing us with a robust unified security management suite. We were also aware of the impending requirements relating to GDPR and we needed something that would give us the ability to report on any potential system compromises. 

“Using CyberGuard’s AlienVault service has really benefited our business for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s reduced the level of stress for the IT team in their day-to-day responsibility of managing our system security. We are much more confident as a business that we have mitigated against the risk of a security breach and in turn it should help us to build brand loyalty as we can demonstrate to our customer base that their data is being stored in a very safe and secure environment.”

Once a year CyberGuard performs a penetration test that simulates a cyber-attack without the malicious intent. Joseph Ash’s IT Manager said: “One can never totally relax in making sure that our systems are secure, the annual penetration tests highlight any new vulnerabilities and these are then rectified. It’s important to the business knowing vulnerabilities are managed effectively as any breaches could have a serious impact on our ability to operate and this in turn would result in a loss of confidence in us from our customer base. These are vital to our security and give us greater awareness on how we go about our business which is one of the reasons why we outsourced our IT security.

 “Another main reason why we outsourced our IT security was that we felt we didn’t have the in-house technical skills or physical resource to manage it ourselves. Having worked with OGL for many years and building relationships with key members of staff, it was a ‘no-brainer’ to choose CyberGuard as our IT security provider. Their technical skills and knowledge of the products are as good as one could hope for, and we are very confident in their abilities going forward. One of the main differences I have noticed when working with CyberGuard is their willingness to go that little bit further and make us feel part of their team.

 “I’m amazed to hear that businesses still think that cyber-crime won’t affect them. The threat is very real. One only has to read the news and look at the numerous cases of cyber-crime that are reported upon. Complacency can be the thing that kills a business.”

“Like all businesses we are looking to grow and it’s important to know that we have a trusted partner in CyberGuard who will be there to advise and implement the necessary system security protocols needed in the future. We are very confident in their abilities going forward.”

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