Justin Lloyd Celebrates 25 Years | OGL Group

A huge congratulations to Justin Lloyd who recently celebrated 25 years at OGL.

Justin looks back on the last 25 years:

“My time at OGL began with creating websites. This was relatively new to me and OGL, and started with creating OGL’s first website along with various customers’ websites, including the Kidderminster Harriers Football Club which was great fun being a football fan.

“Whilst continuing to create websites for customers I started getting involved in the Software Support department which lead to me working on the year 2000 bug fixes for prof.IT. This involved updating their programs back at OGL before going to the customers site to install the updated programs and run through some tests. Thankfully it all went well and can’t believe that was 22 years ago!

“My next step was to move into the Software Installations department where my role was to transfer new customers’ data into prof.IT and prof.ITplus along with setting up the new servers and stationery. I did enjoy this role, but it could get stressful around Go Live time where any issues and the transfer of data was time critical.

“This then led to my current role in the WebServices team where I get to work on websites again. The website projects are a lot different to my earlier time at OGL which involves discussing data and pricing with the customer along with training on how to enter the website data into the CMS in prof.ITplus, to designing the website, my favourite part, and finally developing the website.

“I’ve loved having the opportunity to do different roles within the company and can’t believe it has been 25 years!”

Dario Brenni, Justin’s manager, congratulates him on his 25 years at OGL:

“Congratulations Justin and thank you from everyone here on reaching this significant milestone – a Quarter of a Century work anniversary. 

“Having started in the 90’s (before some here were even born!), is a true testament to his loyalty and dedication. Justin started work at OGL developing bespoke static websites and, like so many others, soon moved on into various other roles within Software supporting the implementation of new prof.ITplus customers. Here, Justin was often required to travel to the customer sites to physically collect and manipulate customer’s data and preparing it to be transferred across into prof.ITplus. It was several years before he returned to WebServices to work with the newly developed ‘eShop’ product and here (I’m pleased to say) he has stayed and continues to this day to deliver exceptional projects that have delighted our customers.

“Recently one of our customers won the Best Website Award, which is one Justin has been heavily involved with over the years. It’s always good to hear customers talk highly of Justin, particularly on those occasions where they’ve remembered him from the early days, when he helped them with their prof.ITplus implementation and now he’s working to deliver their new website. Justin was already in the WebServices team when I joined nearly 10 years ago however it was very quickly evident that he was someone that could be relied upon within the team and department; indeed, whilst in his current role, he was still called on to help support particularly tricky data transfer jobs. Hard work and loyalty is a gift not everyone possesses, but he has it and we are pleased to have someone like him working with us. Keep up your excellent work and continue to inspire us. Happy 25th Work Anniversary Justin!”