Keith Evans Celebrates 5 Years at OGL

A huge congratulations to Keith Evans who recently celebrated 5 years at OGL.

Keith looks back on the last 5 years:

“For nearly 30 years I had previously worked for a housewares importer doing a variety of different roles, so it was quite a big move to come to OGL as a training consultant. But I wanted something different and that definitely has been the case. My training was fast tracked due to the amount of work we had, so I did start training customers a bit earlier than I expected but to be honest it has been great and I’m still learning. Whilst still training customers, I’m also specialising on our Warehouse Management System due to the vast experience I’ve gained in this area.

“Probably sounds corny but I still love putting a customer live, but I still look forward to the next challenge. I'm really enjoying the WMS role as every implementation is so different and I do challenge the customer to look at alternative ways of doing things."

Phil Baker-Clarke, Keith’s manager, congratulates him on his 5 years at OGL:

“Keith started with OGL during a challenging time. We put Keith through his paces very quickly and put him out in front of customers. Keith never shied away from this and the hard work that followed. Keith has and will always put the customer first, always going above and beyond, often working late in the evening and many a weekend. Keith is renowned for his report writing, whose ODBC, BI and SQL skills are top rate."

“He has a huge heart and will always go out of his way to help you.”