Managed SIEM

Full responsibility

for your cyber defence

  • Our premier level cyber security service
  • Package of key cyber security measures implemented
  • Full responsibility for the management of your cyber defence

Our premier level managed Security Information and Event Management  (SIEM) service provides a complete package of cyber security measures. Our team will take full responsibility for the management of your cyber defence.

The Cyber Package...

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify known and newly emerging software security vulnerabilities within your environment. Run on a regular basis to keep abreast of the ever-changing security landscape.

Intrusion Detection

Real-time inspection of network traffic and host activity looking for traffic patterns commonly associated with an attempt to compromise the IT infrastructure.

Behavioural Monitoring

Builds a base line of ‘normal’ activity within your network allowing easier identification of anomalies should they occur.

Asset Discovery

Automatically discover devices on your network so they can be monitored and assessed as part of your overall security stance.

Security Management

Analyses the thousands of events being collected from devices on your network. Updated every 15 minutes with data on emerging threats collected from networks worldwide.

Alarm Management and Analysis

In the event suspicious activity is detected an alarm will be automatically sent to our Security Operations Centre where our cyber security experts will analyse the alarm to determine the risk to your business and the action needed to mitigate the risk.


Our Unified Security Management service is powered by AlienVault, who are known globally for their threat detection and response products, that are used by the Metropolitan Police, Morgan & Morgan and Ricoh, to name just a few. Our Unified Security Manager service offers additional techniques to help identify Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and security vulnerabilities within your network. These techniques include discovery of network assets, monitoring of network traffic in real-time for suspicious behaviour and scanning network assets for known software vulnerabilities.

Unfortunately, even the most skilled IT Manager may not have time to investigate all of the alerts, along with keeping pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape. 

Operating from CyberGuard’s Security Operations Centre, our highly skilled team of security experts take responsibility for monitoring our customers’ IT footprint, detecting and investigating IOC's.

Our Unified Security Manager service appliance is designed to detect and NOT block threats and therefore we recommend it is used in conjunction with other security products designed to detect and block attacks such as Kaspersky or Carbon Black.  

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