Multi-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of


  • A third layer of security when signing in
  • Help prevent unauthorised users gaining access to your systems
  • Easy to use and takes away the traditional pain points of authentication

How it works...

Multi-Factor Authentication adds an alternative layer of protection when users sign in, so they will be asked for their username, password and a third layer of random authentication. This may be via a number of external devices, such as a user key fob or their mobile phone.

How it helps...

With the inherent threats of security breaches on IT systems and the rise in cyber-related crime it is imperative that you protect your systems. OGL strongly recommends businesses of all sizes implement multi-factor authentication to add protection around user sign in. This helps prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to your systems and confidential documents.

Easy to use

OGL's Multi-Factor Authentication product makes two-factor or strong authentication easy to implement and manage. Our solution has been designed to take away many of the traditional pain points in authentication. 

Key benefits

We support a wide range of tokens and token-less authentication methods allowing each user to choose the right token type for their individual needs.

Strong authentication can be provided anywhere a password is used today through support of industry standards such as RADIUS and SAML and the availability of API’s and agents for other applications.

The comprehensive degree of automation in the solution drastically reduces the cost of management and administration.
Our tokens do not expire and can be re-issued to new users, vastly reducing the cost of ownership and administrative burden.

Individual users can have more than one token with no extra charge beyond the cost of the token. Ideal for users connecting to corporate resources from more than one device.

We provide a comprehensive self-service portal allowing users to carry out many functions which would have traditionally only been resolved by a help desk call. 

This provides the overall lowest total cost of ownership of any authentication solution in the market.

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