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Protect, detect and kill threats to your network

We’ve all been there; hovered over an email attachment, not knowing whether to open it or not. Unfortunately, it’s that easy to fall victim to cyber-crime. How can you detect if that attachment contains a hidden malicious script? Sadly, you can’t, but our next-generation anti-virus solution powered by Carbon Black can. It combines three security measures to help protect, detect and kill threats to your network and prevents attacks that would evade traditional anti-virus security products, making it the perfect advanced threat protection solution.

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    Full responsibility for the management of your cyber defence
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    Real-time monitoring and expert advice
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    Inspects files and identifies threats by analysing previous behaviour
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    Protect user endpoints
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    Perfect for businesses needing advanced protection

What is a next-generation anti-virus product?

A good next-generation anti-virus product such as Carbon Black Defense, helps protect user endpoints by not only looking for known viruses and malware, but also inspects files and identifies threats by analysing previous user's behaviour. This deeper level of inspection allows CyberGuard to spot smart and complex threats that would normally go undetected.

Next-Generation vs Traditional Anti-Virus

Cyber-attackers are getting more and more sophisticated using smarter ways to infiltrate your devices in order to install viruses such as malware or ransomware. 

It's not uncommon for users to receive attachments via email, and it is not unusual for users to open a PDF. However, what happens if that PDF contains a malicious script hidden in the document, which then tries to open a scripting tool such as PowerShell or download an encryption key from outside your network, using a known vulnerability on your endpoint? Most traditional anti-virus products will miss these kinds of attacks as they have not seen files like these before. However, a next-generation anti-virus product analyses the behaviour and can identify these unknown threats.

This is why we are seeing an increase in customers investing in Carbon Black Defense. With cyber-attacks occurring on a daily basis, businesses are taking a proactive approach and realising that it's simply not worth the risk installing a traditional anti-virus product when so many viruses can now evade detection from them.  

Is it right for my business?

Cyber-crime is part and parcel of the 21st century, however, it’s not just major businesses being targeted. Cyber-attackers aren’t prejudice on the size of businesses, which is why Carbon Black Defense is essential for small, medium or large businesses looking to detect smarter threats to your network.

Carbon Black was founded by former members of the U.S. Government’s elite team of offensive security hackers, and is world renowned for its endpoint security, which is why we recommend it to businesses looking to stay one-step ahead of the cyber-attackers.

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“We invested in a state-of-the-art, next-generation anti-virus product called Carbon Black Defense. With cyber-attackers getting more sophisticated, Carbon Black protects our business as it not only looks for known viruses and malware, but also inspects threats by reviewing our employees’ behaviour. This deeper level of inspection enables CyberGuard to spot complex threats that would normally go undetected”

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