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Work anywhere, anytime, on any device

Office 365 from Microsoft incorporates Outlook, Microsoft’s cloud-based email solution, as well as a whole host of other workplace tools. It provides you with total flexibility in the way you work as you can effectively take your office with you wherever you go. It also gives you total confidence that anything that is worked on remotely is safely stored in the cloud so it’s ready and waiting when you get back into the office.

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    The ability to work remotely
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    No costly upgrades – always on the latest version
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    Whole host of indispensable office applications
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    Reduce costs
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    Build a modern, flexible working environment

Office 365: Easy, cost-effective and ready when you are…

Office 365 doesn’t simply offer your business an email application, it also comes with a whole host of essential office applications, including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, all of which can be accessed remotely.

It also offers unrivalled collaborative tools, such as Power Automate, Forms, SharePoint, Planner, PowerApps and Teams. All of which help manage your workload more efficiently and bring your employees together via shared content, files, conversations and apps. 

Office 365 can also offer great analytical products too in order to better understand your employees’ workloads and needs as well as your customers’ and prospects’ data. This includes GraphAPI, MyAnalytics and MileIQ to name a few, which again, can all be accessed anywhere.

A modern working environment

The modern successful business is no longer defined by 9-5 working from within a fixed office building. Times are changing and it’s time to adapt your business or simply fall behind. The benefits of working flexibly are too valuable for modern businesses to ignore.

Office 365 allows your “office” to be at home, on your commute to work, at an event or even while you’re on holiday. It literally can be anywhere you want by simply using an internet-enabled device and a reliable internet connection. With the right tools you’ll be able to securely access emails, applications, files and even your whole desktop.

Happy worker = Good employee

The benefits to your workers are immense too; happy workers are good employees. According to a survey from Global Workplace, 86% of employees say they are more productive working away from the office.

Not only are happy workers more productive, but they are also more likely to stay with you. A happy employee is a loyal worker; why would you leave if you’re happy? Offering employees, a healthy work / life balance is a great incentive for staff to stay with your business and Office 365 is a great enabler for a modern working practice.

Multiple Office 365 packages available

As a Tier-1 Gold Microsoft partner, we have full access to the whole suite of Office 365 packages to suit your business needs:

  • Exchange Online
  • Business Basic
  • 365 Apps for Enteprise
  • 365 E3
  • 365 E5

We offer a fully managed service giving you peace of mind in the event of any issue, as we will handle the relationship with Microsoft and manage all your licensing so you can get on with running your business. Or, if you have your own internal IT resource, then we can also offer an unmanaged service giving you greater control. The choice is yours.

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“They also supply us with Office 365, which not only helps us create a modern working environment by being able to work remotely, but this also helps with our IT security, as hosting our emails in the cloud allows it to be safely backed up.”

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