On-Site Security Training

Engaging security training at your premises

Small workplace changes can have a huge effect on your cyber security. In order to help maintain a prominent cyber security culture within your workplace, our Cyber Security Consultants can visit your premises and deliver an in-depth training session to suit your cyber security needs.

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    Easy to understand training
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    Engaging, interactive training sessions
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    Flexible to suit your business
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    Up-to-date, relevant security training
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    Create a secure cyber security workplace culture

Cyber-crime doesn’t always have to be stopped by using the latest version of some high-tech software. Sure, it can help, however there are some very quick, easy and cost-effective solutions you can apply to help improve your business’ cyber security. What’s frustrating is the vast majority of cyber-attacks are easily preventable with basic understanding.

Small changes can have a big impact…

In today’s modern business society, it’s so easy for staff members to fall victim to cyber-crime which can have detrimental effects on your business. With the constant buzz in the office, all it takes is for a member of staff to be caught off-guard and click an email attachment which could install a virus that your company may never recover from.

Our On-Site Security Training can help to identify these issues and make them preventable.

What’s included?

An experienced Cyber Security Consultant will visit your premises and deliver a 2-hour training session. To benefit from the training, we recommend no more than 10 employees attend each session. However, if you have more members of staff that want to attend the session, we can run up to 3 sessions in any one day.

Our training sessions can be flexible to suit your business concerns, but they will nearly all focus on phishing email awareness and best practise, safe web browsing, hints, tips and tricks and password management, among other topics.

To keep it engaging the sessions will be a mix of presentations and interactive activities to involve your staff. The content is designed to be non-technical to make it relevant for all employees, however we can deliver a more technical session if required.

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“Their technical skills and knowledge of the products are as good as one could hope for, and we are very confident in their abilities going forward. One of the main differences I have noticed when working with CyberGuard is their willingness to go that little bit further and make us feel part of their team.”

Joseph Ash

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Comprehensive training, tailored to your business...

It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest cyber security protection available, unfortunately, cyber security is only as strong as your least cyber-savvy member of staff