Onsite Backup

Onsite options to keep

your data safe

Not ready for the cloud? Premium onsite options available from OGL

In some situations cloud-based disaster recovery solutions aren’t suitable or, in some cases, businesses express a desire to keep all of their data onsite. In that case we can discuss onsite (or ‘on-premise’) solutions with you.

Losing vital data due to a system failure, virus attack or human error is a nightmare. But don't panic, we can provide the very best in onsite hardware to ensure you have a failsafe back-up in place to make your data quickly and easily recoverable if the worst does happen.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems from OGL are situated on your network providing pooled storage to all your users. The NAS system will auto-backup your data and also servers, virtual machines and applications. Everyone stays backed up and in sync when connected to the network.

Versatile recovery at any scale.

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