Our Data Centre

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Our data centre: what’s it all about?

Entry controls & security

Security at the data centre is a top priority. The building has extensive 24/7 CCTV coverage; all of which is monitored by onsite security staff, digitally recorded and retained for up to 90 days. A team of 24/7 security personnel are on patrol at all times and building entry is only granted when advance notice of a visit has been confirmed through a formal process. An anti-tailgating mantrap security door, operated via a proximity access control system, is used to ensure only authorised individuals have access in and out of the facility.

Temperature control

It is essential that the data centre is kept at the optimum temperature to ensure the integrity of the data and to avoid problems. Therefore, temperature and humidity sensors are used to alert us to any problems before they can affect your data. 

Fire protection

To thwart off the risk of fire, multi-zonal fire detection systems are in place with both ionisation and optical detectors in suites, roof cavities and sub-floors. It is also fitted with smoke detectors, which detect fires before they flare, allowing the best possible opportunity to detect and control the spread of fire before it can take hold. In the unlikely event that a fire should get past all of our detection systems, it will be suppressed using FM-200 Heptafluoropropane agent, ensuring any risk to your data is negligible.

Power backups

To ensure the utmost of reliable power supplies, the site is connected directly to the national grid via two 11kV connections, each fed from separate sub-stations. Each of these systems is backed up through battery UPS and generators and enough fuel is stored onsite for one week’s performance with priority fuel replenishment pre-arranged.

There really is everything in place to ensure data couldn’t be in a safer place.

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