Transform how you do business 

Drive efficiencies and increase productivity with prof.ITplus, the fully integrated business software built and developed for wholesalers and distributors. 

Transform everything from your order processing, customer service, stock control, and warehouse management. prof.ITplus will help you to buy better, sell smarter. 

Fully integrated, complete ERP solution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The perfect CRM software for wholesale distributors. Your customers will experience excellent service from your staff, using our super powerful and intelligent Customer Relationship Management module (CRM).

Customer Enquiry and Quote Management

Record all enquiries into your business – telephone, email, fax, web forms, via sales rep – against a customer or prospect’s CRM record and set parameters to ensure a follow up occurs within agreed timeframes.

Sales Order Processing

Once you’ve secured your sales, your customer will expect an efficient experience through to order delivery. Our Sales Order Processing module allows your sales team to do just that. It offers accurate, rapid, reliable handling of order processing. 

Mail Integration

Our mail integration tool captures all incoming and outgoing emails and links them to the recipient’s CRM record in prof.ITplus. It means staff are all constantly in the loop and able to see all customer e-communication.


Staying on top of pricing is a time-consuming task for companies without software in place to handle it. Not only must your supplier costs be managed, your selling prices must also be regularly reviewed.

Stock Management

No doubt you want your company to be known for excellent service. For that you’ll need a firm grip on the management of your stock so you can deliver what your customers want, when they want it.

Works Order Processing

Works Order Processing caters for businesses needing to handle kit assemblies for stock, right through to complicated multi-level Bill of Materials (BOMs) and out-sourced processes.

Purchase Order Processing

prof.ITplus can automatically generate shopping lists to meet demands and replenish stock, to then be approved for purchase. 

Warehouse Management

Our system allows warehouse staff to work in a well-managed environment and to be effective, efficient and to meet realistic targets. prof.ITplus makes the work of warehouse staff infinitely more manageable. 

Counter Sales

The module is designed specifically with face-to-face customer interaction in mind whilst having all the same features of the standard Sales Order Processing module to ensure each sale is maximised.

Customer Deliveries

Whether you use your own vehicles to deliver customers’ orders or you use a third-party carrier, prof.ITplus has the functionality to streamline both.

Returns Order Processing

It’s very understandable that businesses would want to handle returns in a way that reduces financial losses. However, without a sophisticated software system, it’s very easy for returns to be ‘lost’ and their value never restored to the business.

Accounts & Invoicing

Our fully integrated finance module includes sales, purchase and nominal ledgers as well as a host of other features making the finance side of your business run like clockwork.

Sales Analysis

Companies need powerful sales analysis tools if they are to drive company growth. prof.ITplus can provide user-friendly reports to show your best / worst performers.

Company Reporting

Many companies struggle to generate meaningful reports. Some companies have to pay for reports to be written by consultants or dedicate staff members to the sole purpose of creating reports manually using spreadsheets.

Remote Ordering

Our new mobile app 'ROAD' enables your field-based staff to handle enquiries, quotes and orders remotely. ROAD fully integrates with our prof.ITplus software which has been proven to increase the speed and efficiency of your business processes.

Online Shopping Channel Integration

prof.ITplus allows you to sell on Amazon and eBay in a way that is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your system. Not only does this instantly increase your potential market reach and opportunity to grow sales and profit, but prof.ITplus does it with the minimum amount of extra processes.

Website / eCommerce Integration

Our websites are built with outstanding levels of bespoke and customised functionality to reflect the way our customers choose to operate their business. Anything is possible from our team of expert web developers.

Hose Assembly

The hose assembly module within prof.ITplus software makes light work of creating hose assembly component lists for pneumatic and hydraulic distributors. 


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