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  • Increase profits & improve efficiency with prof.ITplus

    30+ years of development and customer feedback have enabled us to create prof.ITplus, our flagship ERP software tailored for established wholesalers and distributors. prof.ITplus will enable you to buy better, sell smarter and meet customer demands. prof.ITplus is a powerful ERP solution perfect for medium-sized enterprises.

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    prof.ITplus ERP Modules

    A suite of modules and advanced functionality tailored to your business needs.

  • “We would have no hesitation in recommending the prof.ITplus system to other companies. prof.ITplus is more than software – it feels like another member of the System Hygiene team.” 

    System Hygiene

    System Hygiene Success Story
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    prof.ITplus Success Stories

    We have over 450 companies and more than 8,000 users, nationwide, using prof.ITplus.  

  • Future-proof your business with an ERP system 

    The wholesale and distribution industry is becoming increasingly competitive with pressure on distribution businesses to do better and offer more at low costs. Successful, savvy wholesalers are tackling these challenges head on and embracing technology to drive their business forward. Find out how an ERP software solution can future-proof your business and help you stay competitive. 

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    ERP software tailored to your industry  

    We specialise in a variety of industries within the wholesale and distribution sector, below are just a few that our ERP software is tailored for: 

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