Ransomware: 3000% increase in attacks since 2012

It’s quite easy to get infected with ransomware. You don’t have go on any ‘dodgy’ sites or even open lots of spam, in fact, you don’t have to do anything for you to be at risk. Ransomware attacks are on the increase and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

When attacks occur, malicious software infects your computer ultimately locking and holding your files for ‘ransom’ leaving access to your business blocked. You will then be asked to make a payment for your files to be released so you can gain access to your data. Payment is never recommended, but with businesses dependent on their data, 58% of UK companies are reported to pay ransom demands, even though payment never guarantees access to your data and can leave your business vulnerable to future attacks. On average, 1 in 4 companies who pay the ransom demands never get their data back. With the danger ever present, it is vital for companies to have a proactive security procedure in place.

It will never happen to me…

Unfortunately, it does! Ransomware attacks can happen to any business, anytime. 54% of UK businesses were found to have been hit by ransomware and attacks have increased 3000% since 2012. The risk is real.

It’s not only small businesses being attacked; well-known establishments have been attacked in the past. 30% of NHS Trusts have suffered an attack, potentially placing patient data and lives at risk. Similarly, 63% of universities were targeted by ransomware with 56% having been attacked at some point in the previous year. 
Worryingly, just 4% of organisations are ‘very confident’ in their ability to stop the ransomware onslaught. 

With ransomware threats becoming more and more complex, businesses can no longer simply rely on anti-virus software to protect them from more sophisticated malware. SME businesses who are regularly targeted by attackers are falling victim. More and more companies are starting to re-evaluate their business security process to combat the threat and are looking at more proactive methods to avoid attacks. With cyber-crime increasing cyber security is on the rise too, and there are several products available that can help, such as WatchGuard’s ATP Blocker.

Another key driver for businesses is the imminent launch of the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the biggest shake-up of data protection regulation in twenty years.  Any businesses who fall victim of a ransomware attack will be required to notify the ICO within 72 hours of a breach and could face fines up to the value of 4% of their global turnover.  

OGL is here to help…

Having been in business for more than 40 years, OGL has built up a strong partnership with several world leading IT security brands including WatchGuard, ForcePoint, Kaspersky and CyberGuard Technologies, who can protect your business against serious threats such as ransomware. OGL works closely with our partners to keep-up-to-date with the very latest in security technology, which is essential in an industry that faces ever-changing and complex security threats. We have a range of IT security products to suit your business’ needs and help prevent advanced threats such as ransomware.

Find out more about our IT Security products, or if you are looking at the next-generation security to combat cyber crime then talk to our Cyber Security team.


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