Remote Monitoring

Minimise the risk of costly

IT downtime

  • Monitoring of your servers for early warning signs
  • Preventative action to protect your business
  • Minimise the risk of costly IT downtime
  • Early warning signs detected and acted upon
  • Optimal performance essential for productive businesses 

Preventative action before productivity and uptime are impacted 

Our Remote Monitoring service minimises the risk of IT downtime by providing continuous monitoring of your servers. Our team will detect early warning signs of potential problems, often before you realise you even have a problem. Combined with an OGL IT Support contract, it will enable preventative action before users are impacted and productivity is reduced, resulting in the maximum possible uptime of your IT system.

Reliance on IT means maximum uptime and performance of your server, or servers, needs to be a business priority. Server downtime could severely disrupt your organisation’s operation. The possibility of critical applications failing and causing costly disruption is a threat which every business needs to consider.

Early detection of warning signs

Reassure your clients of a stable, reliable IT infrastructure

Many of our customers have a requirement to demonstrate the strength of their IT infrastructure and strategy to their own customers. Commissioning our Remote Monitoring service is a key way of doing so. You can provide firm guarantees to your clients on your operational uptime.

Remote Monitoring is a discreet service, taken care of by our team from our offices. You need not worry about the status of your servers, that’s our job.

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