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Minimise the risk of costly IT downtime

There’s no way around it, businesses rely on their IT to be successful. A good or bad IT partner can make or break a business. In an ideal world your IT would be constantly monitored by IT professionals who can detect early warning signs of any potential problems and rectify them before they become a major concern. Well now’s your chance…

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    Monitoring of your equipment
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    Preventative action to protect your business
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    Making sure your business is working to its optimal performance
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    Reassure your clients of your IT infrastructure
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    Minimise the risk of costly IT downtime

Proactive & preventative action before it’s too late.

Modern businesses need to constantly perform. Downtime is a serious risk for any organisation. It’s simple, the more downtime your business experiences, the more severe the repercussions are. Not only are there huge financial costs, but it also affects staff harmony and client confidence in your business.

Being able to spot early warning signs of your IT performance is essential for any company to take a proactive approach to their IT strategy to help prevent downtime.

Monitoring your IT health doesn’t simply help prevent downtime, but also offers you, and your business partners confidence your IT won’t let you down.

A business is only as good as its IT infrastructure

If you are experiencing regular downtime and getting frustrated with your IT, then you’re not doing your business justice. You can have a solid business model, but if you have an inferior IT partner, they are only going to hold your organisation back.

Our Remote Monitoring service minimises the risk of IT downtime by providing continuous monitoring of your equipment. Our team will detect early warning signs of potential problems, often before you realise you even have a problem. Combined with an OGL IT Support contract, it will enable preventative action before users are impacted and productivity is reduced, resulting in the maximum possible uptime of your IT system.

Reliance on IT means maximum uptime and performance of your server, or servers, needs to be a business priority. The possibility of critical applications failing and causing costly disruption is a threat which every business needs to urgently consider.

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"OGL also supports us by providing remote monitoring for our servers so we don’t have to worry about server downtime which could severely disrupt our business.”

Lanemark Combustion Engineering

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