How Remote Working is Driving the Need for Better IT Support

As the role of technology in our everyday lives continues to increase, businesses of all sizes are acknowledging the importance of good IT support whilst embracing new technologies to digitally transform their business.

Since remote working arrangements have become more common within office-based businesses the demand for cloud computing and disaster recovery has also increased. But what are the benefits of outsourcing your IT support to experts?

Boosting Productivity 

In a world where technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and workplaces are rapidly moving on from paper-based systems for admin and storage, businesses need to ensure that staff are not frustrated by ageing and ineffective IT systems and equipment. 

Working remotely can adversely impact productivity if staff are unable to access quick and effective resolutions to IT issues; whether that’s problems with connectivity or simply getting help when their PC or laptop is not working properly.

Whilst upgrading equipment can be a costly exercise, outsourcing your IT support to a centralised team of specialists provides a great solution to ensuring your staff are all working effectively.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Outsourcing IT support to a provider like OGL Computer enables businesses to boost productivity by embracing cost-effective solutions that are compatible with remote working.

Cloud computing services within software platforms like Microsoft 365 and Office 365 facilitate uninterrupted access to key files and applications, allowing remote workers and office workers to work on any device at times that suit the business needs. This creates greater flexibility for companies and can help to improve client satisfaction.

With staff working more flexible hours, you need to consider how you will continue to provide them with support if they encounter IT issues outside of office hours. This is another key reason for businesses outsourcing their IT services. It also ensures continuous support, even if your internal IT resource is on annual leave.

Protection Against Cyber Crime and Data Breaches

Having reliable, tested and accessible data backup solutions in place is also key with more staff working remotely as you want to avoid staff saving business critical or sensitive information on their local machines or home systems which are insecure.

A reputable IT support provider can go through the options available, whether cloud-based backup solutions or on-site backup solutions and, not only install, but also monitor your backup solution to ensure it is working and the relevant security protection is in place.

Within all industry sectors, an increased focus on technology means any business can be affected by an enhanced vulnerability to online crime and data hacking. If business files are stolen or confidential data is leaked, both the company’s reputation and financial stability will take a hit.

Using an IT support provider such as OGL Computer, that also has specialist cyber experience, will give you an enhanced level of data protection, offering an affordable and secure service that also provides greater accessibility for remote workers.

Breadth of Experience

As technology’s role in our working lives becomes more and more prominent, the need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology developments and security threats is growing at such a rate that it can be challenging for in-house IT teams who are already juggling heavy workloads. 

By outsourcing your IT support services, you will have access to talented IT specialists with more diverse skill sets and broader technical knowledge. These teams also have close working relationships with the key technology vendors who provide them with regular updates and training, as well as preferential access to escalated support.

As the chosen technology partner of over 1,000 UK businesses, providing IT solutions accredited by some of the world’s largest industry players, OGL specialises in helping UK businesses improve their IT and deliver greater service to their employees and their customers. Embrace remote working while reaping the benefits of boosted productivity and greater efficiency by outsourcing your IT support to OGL Computer.

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