• Highlight your weaknesses before attackers do

    The best form of defence against cyber-crime is to identify the vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure and secure these before an attacker has chance to exploit them. By allowing us to test your security we can ultimately protect your assets and brand reputation by highlighting which areas you need to improve and defining them in a priority order. 

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    Let us highlight your security weaknesses

    Who would you rather infiltrate your network, us or a cyber-attacker? Let us pinpoint your security gaps before it’s too late

  • “It is impossible to make safety judgements with limited information; however, CyberGuard assessed our vulnerabilities and prepared an in-depth report. This gave us the confidence to make informed choices. The CyberGuard team has been invaluable; they have looked at Star Fasteners holistically, identified our cyber-risk and tailored a package to meet our needs”

    Star Fasteners

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    Cyber Security Success Stories

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read real accounts of how we’ve strengthened our customers’ cyber security…

  • Test your security; don’t get caught out!

    By allowing us to test your IT infrastructure we can identify gaps in your security and make recommendations on what needs to be rectified in order to safeguard your business from cyber-crime. We have numerous ways of identifying these gaps, which you can find out about in our Security Testing guide. 

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    Why invest in Security Testing?

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      A proactive approach to thwarting cyber criminals
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      Industry-leading scanning technology
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      Understand your security baseline
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      CREST and Tigerscheme accredited
    • Security Testing icon#5
      Detect emerging threats before they can harm
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