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  • Industry-leading scanning technology
  • Detect emerging threats before they can harm
  • Understand your security baseline
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One of the last things any business wants is their infrastructure’s weaknesses to be exploited by cyber hackers. Alarmingly though, the prevalence of cyber-crimes against businesses in the UK for financial, malicious or political reasons is very much on the increase.

Every day new vulnerabilities are discovered and new attack vehicles are created to exploit these.

Using the industry’s most-widely deployed vulnerability-scanning technology and the same process a hacker would use to compromise your IT systems, our cyber team offers three types of assessments to pinpoint security weaknesses within your IT infrastructure: vulnerability testing, penetration testing and wireless testing.

All business types & sizes are targets

Managed cyber security services, delivered by experts

Cyber-attacks are being carried out on businesses of all sizes to steal or prevent access to the key asset most companies rely on, their data.

The best form of defence against such attacks is to identify the security vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure and secure these before an attacker has chance to exploit them.

Our testing options:

Gain real understanding of the risks you face, and how to tackle them

Vulnerability testing

Our experts will examine the security of all servers, networks and firewalls as well as perform a vulnerability scan on all network connected devices.

Our Vulnerability Test is the first step to understanding the level of threat that an attacker, employee or contractor may pose to your network and data. The vulnerability report will pinpoint your existing weaknesses and categorise them with critical, high, medium and low risk ratings. This data will form the ‘baseline’ for cyber security moving forward.

Penetration testing

Our experts will attempt to penetrate your network by safely exploiting any vulnerabilities found. Our Penetration Testers will utilise the same techniques and tools a real hacker would use, but of course without the malicious intent.

These tests can be performed either with partial internal access (grey) or from an external location to replicate a real hack (black box). The report will provide a very clear picture of the status of your infrastructure and will offer the opportunity to build the strongest of defences for your company.

Wireless testing

Our experts will visit your site to assess the visibility and strength of any wireless access points into your business and examine their resilience to attackers. Weak passwords are an inherent problem of wireless networks and it is not unheard of for an attacker to carry out an attack from a business’s car park, having easily bypassed the wireless password and gained full entry to the internal network.

Our report will identify deviations from best practice and set out recommendations for action.

  • Protect your assets & brand reputation
  • Define a security infrastructure with the right security policy, processes & architecture in place
  • Access to highly qualified & skilled security professionals
  • Implement effective, onsite, cloud & mobile security

Our cyber experts will present our testing reports to you alongside a clear explanation of the risks, comprehensive remedial advice and a set of recommendations.

Thereafter, our team will work with you to implement our Detect & Respond products to build the cyber defence that your company needs and deserves.

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