SOC Support

CyberGuard's Security

Operations Centre

  • Dedicated cyber support from a team that gain visibility into active and emerging threats
  • All alerts investigated and followed up
  • A resourceful team, made up of cyber analysts, threat intelligence officers and support staff ready to fight cyber-crime

At the heart of CyberGuard is the Security Operations Centre (SOC) team, whose main responsibilities are to review and investigate alerts generated by security monitoring tools, our Unit 12 Threat Intelligence team, data from our world-renown security partners or from you, our customer.

Working closely with our Unit 12 Threat Intelligence team, our dedicated SOC team have a wealth of knowledge to help tackle cyber-crime.

How can our SOC team benefit your business?

With cyber threats inevitable, businesses are asking themselves, what’s the best support strategy to adopt? As cyber threats are getting more complex, this only adds to the pressures on Internal IT departments when time and resources for an IT manager is already a heavy burden to bear. CyberGuard's SOC team lifts the burden off the IT manager and relinquishes security responsibilities to cyber experts who understand the threat landscape. This not only keeps your business secure by taking advantage of CyberGuard's vast resources and cyber expertise, but also frees up Internal IT departments, allowing them to get on with what they do best and help keep your business working while increasing productivity.

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