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CyberGuard's Security Operations Centre

At the heart of CyberGuard is our 24/7 UK Security Operations Centre (SOC) team. Experienced, knowledgeable and accredited staff whose main responsibility is to review and investigate alerts generated by numerous sources. This can include our security monitoring tools, our Unit 12 Threat Intelligence team, data from our world-renowned security partners or from you, our customer. 

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    Dedicated cyber support
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    Visibility into active and emerging threats
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    All alerts investigated and followed up
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    Multiple resource pools
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    Wealth of cyber security knowledge

Our resourceful SOC team is made up of various employees with a wealth of knowledge and a history of cyber security industry insights. These include cyber analysts, threat intelligence officers and support staff ready to fight cyber-crime.

Working closely with our Unit 12 Threat Intelligence team, our dedicated SOC team is constantly investigating cyber threats and is at the forefront of tackling cyber-attacks.

How can our SOC team benefit your business?

With cyber threats inevitable, businesses are asking themselves, what’s the best support strategy to adopt?

As cyber threats are getting more complex, this only adds to the pressures on Internal IT departments when time and resources for an IT Manager is already a heavy burden to bear. CyberGuard's SOC team lifts the burden off the IT Manager and relinquishes security responsibilities to cyber experts with advanced cyber knowledge who understand the threat landscape.

This not only helps keep your business secure by taking advantage of CyberGuard's vast resources and cyber expertise, but also frees up Internal IT departments, allowing them to get on with what they do best and help keep your business working while increasing productivity.

Ultimately, our SOC Support team are at the very core of CyberGuard. Thanks to their knowledge and support they are helping keep numerous businesses from experiencing catastrophic cyber-attacks.


For those businesses that require a flexible support contract to ensure enhanced cyber security cover with guaranteed rapid response times, as well as reliable cover for your business critical equipment, we are able to offer a combined pre-paid retainer contract, delivered in conjunction with our parent company, OGL Computer, to give customers access to proactive and reactive services from CyberGuard’s specialist SOC (Security Operations) team as well as OGL’s experienced IT support teams.

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“The fact that Carbon Black is SOC (Security Operations Centre) monitored and managed is also a big advantage as it is one less solution for us to administer / maintain. If we do receive any alerts from Carbon Black, we have the reassurance that they are being investigated immediately and pose no threat to our users or our infrastructure.” 


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