• Remove manual processes. Increase efficiency.

    Streamline your stock control management, automate business processes and optimise your order processing.

    Watch the video below to see our Profit4 ERP software in action...

    Remove the manual business processes that are holding you back so you can work smarter, not harder, to grow your business.

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      Automate & streamline processes
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      Stay competitive
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      Enhance customer service
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      Increase sales
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      Boost profitability
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    Access all your business information in a few clicks

    No clunky bolt-ons, just one seamless product that grows with you.

    Profit4 is also a true Cloud based solution which you can access in your browser interface, even when working remotely.

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    More productive teams, all using one easy-to-use software

    Profit4 connects all areas of your business to improve efficiencies and productivity.

    Identify sales leakages, view individual customer data, optimise stock levels, remove manual processes and more...

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Is your ERP software also affordable for my small business?

    OGL’s ERP software can be configured to meet the needs of your business, making it an affordable option for small businesses.

    The misconception that ERP systems are only relevant to large businesses is largely based on the systems being huge to implement and costly to buy, but with Profit4 this is no longer the case. Technology has allowed the ERP market to develop in leaps and bounds over the last few years which means the software is becoming more accessible through internet browsers, making solutions like Profit4 feel more familiar to users and therefore quicker to learn, easier to adapt to and cheaper to install.

    Which eCommerce platforms does Profit4 integrate with?

    OGL’s business software will integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

    What is an ERP system?

    ERP software is a digital solution designed to connect all key areas of your business, automate processes that use up valuable staff time and ultimately improve efficiencies and productivity throughout your business.

    An ERP system is a piece of software that can be used by all members of the business to help them do their job effectively. From the accounts department to sales, marketing, warehouse, purchasing and logistics, the software will help to centralise data, manage daily tasks, and provide an overview of the business to improve visibility and control of the company’s direction.

    For wholesalers and distributors, ERP software can be vital in maintaining control of your inventory and improving your order processes, allowing you to stay competitive.

    Will your ERP software support us as our business grows?

    As a business begins to grow, every member of the team begins to be inundated with admin tasks that use up resources from actively growing and improving the business.

    Growing your business using OGL’s ERP software at your core from the beginning will give you the support and stability you need to expand without the extra admin, staff and ineffective processes.

    How easy is it to switch to Profit4?

    We have a highly experienced software delivery team on hand to help with your transfer you’re your existing software systems such as Sage, EDP, Intact, Xero, Quickbooks and Pegasus. Eliminating any potential downtime during the transition process

    How will OGL’s ERP software benefit a wholesale or stockist business?

    Profit4 connects the key areas or your business – stock control, sales order management and customer service. These areas will always work better when they’re interconnected because it enables you, and your team, to have full visibility across the business. With stock sitting at the heart of your business, an ERP ensures your stock control is connected to your sales department, finance team and purchasing so you can run a smooth, streamlined order management process.

    A survey undertaken by the Federation of Small Businesses has shown that small business owners in the UK spend an average of 4 days a month on internal business admin, and 76% of owners said they spend more than they’d have liked on business compliance tasks. When owners are spending more than 33 hours a month on admin tasks, it becomes detrimental to the growth of their business. Streamlining your processes gives you time to focus on growing and building your company and brand.

    Do you provide ongoing support?

    We work closely with our customers, getting to know the ins and outs of your business so that we can offer quality guidance and advice when it comes to using Profit4 to grow your business.

    Our dedicated Software Support Team, based in our West Midlands Head Office, are just a phone call or email away and can offer professional, expert advice whenever you need it.

    Our customers also benefit from a dedicated Account Manager who ensures that they are getting the most from the system.

    Which departments can use this ERP software?

    OGL’s ERP software will connect all areas of your business including finance, the warehouse, sales and marketing.

    What is the benefit of all departments using one centralised piece of software?

    The biggest benefit of having one centralised software as opposed to disparate programmes is the data you can extract.

    Reliable, accurate data, that is the same throughout the business is crucial in getting a true representation of a company. Data, from all departments, can flow through the system and maximise visibility of how well the business is actually performing. When you have visibility, you can gain control, and control gives you the power to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and ultimately boost profitability.

  • Having more time to focus on business development has resulted in an increase in turnover and profit and they are the numbers that matter.

    Owner, Broadbent Welding & Industrial Supplies

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    Trusted by businesses big and small

    Businesses you may know, who already use OGL's ERP software to drive their business forward.

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    An ERP system tailored to your industry

    Profit4 transforms wholesale and distribution businesses across a wide range of industries, including:

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