• Digital tools to drive sales  

    Our business management solutions provide wholesalers, merchants and distributors with the digital solutions that future-proof their business. We enable SME’s to stay ahead of the competition and increase profitability. Unsure if your existing processes are suporting your business needs? Take our quick, 2 minute efficiency test to reveal how well your current software solution is performing... 

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    Automate your processes to increase profitability

    A flexible set of tools, solutions, and functionality for modern commerce.

  • Tailored to your industry

    OGL Software provides business and stock management solutions to wholesalers, merchants, and distributors in a large variety of industries. Our software experts understand the common, but also niche, pain points of your industry and we’ve created solutions that drive your business to be its best.

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    Real customers with real results

  • Don’t let legacy processes hold you back

    ERP software is not just for large companies, the right business software solution provides SME’s with the tools they need to digitalise processes and create a slick operation. Future-proof your business with OGL Software, the ERP system that’ll ensure you stay in control.

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    It’s easier than you think to switch to OGL Software

    Our years of experience migrating companies to our ERP software has enabled us to create a tried and tested implementation plan that ensures you reap the benefits of OGL Software straight from Go Live.

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      System Configuration
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      System Approval
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      Training & User Readiness
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      Go Live
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