Take the test: How reliable is your ERP software?

Small businesses begin their business software journey with a basic ERP solution or accountancy package and as they grow and expand their customer and product base those businesses, particularly wholesalers and distributors who carry a lot of stock, outgrow their current software solution. The system begins to lag, or you find yourself bolting on other software products to meet your needs or you’re completing tasks manually outside the system and these can all be key tell-tale signs that you’ve outgrown your system and it’s no longer reliable for your business requirements.

Unsure of whether you need to begin your journey looking for another software? Take our reliability test to find out if your software is holding you back from your full potential.

Simply download the checklist, tick the statements that apply to you and your business and check back to the answers below to find out if your software is supporting your needs, whether you need to begin looking or if your software is holding you back from future success.

Download the checklist here.

How reliable is your software?

Each statement that is ticked scores you 1 point:

1 to 3 points: Your software is supporting your business needs

Currently it looks like your software isn’t causing your business too much hassle and you can effectively manage your business using the systems you have in place. Reviewing your processes however should be a continuous process to ensure you’re always maximising your potential.

However, if you selected a few points that are red, these are considered high risk to your business’s performance. It may be worth addressing these and investing in another software partner and new technology may be the best way to move forward.

4-8 points: Consider changing your software in the near future

It’s clear that your software is beginning to show signs that it’s struggling to cope with your requirement and perhaps you’re often completing tasks outside the system or with bolt on software products. Fully automating and connecting your business processes will inevitably save you time, money and help you to drive your business forward so perhaps review your business strategy for the year ahead and decide if your current system could step up to the job.

Similarly, if it’s your provider that’s letting you down, it’s important to consider the benefits of a quality partner who can help you to maximise your success and take you to the next level. If you’ve selected points that are highlighted red, it’s worth assessing the effects that they could have on your business in the short and long term.

9-14 points: Your software could be affecting the success of your business

An ERP system should be there to support your business and remove the time-consuming manual processes that happen behind the scenes to enable you to focus on the business decisions and tasks that will drive you forward.

If your system is holding you back and stopping you from embracing technology to improve your processes, then it’s worth considering how that will continue to affect you in the future. If your software provider is difficult to get in contact with and isn’t there to support you and you’re struggling with the software’s functionality, you’re at capacity and it doesn’t meet your requirements, it’s worth reviewing the ERP systems available to you so you can make the informed decision as to whether your potential is limited by your system and software partner.

Business critical levels

The points are highlighted to correspond with how business critical we deem each statement to be. This will help you decide whether your software is simply unreliable or whether it’s actually critical to the success of your business.

Red – we deem these points, if answered yes, business critical. This is because they could directly affect your customers’ or product data and ultimately your profit or reputation.

Yellow – Addressing the points in yellow means you’ll notice a notable change in efficiencies, productivity or profit margin by reviewing and updating these processes.

Green – Anything in green is desirable but not essential to the effectiveness of your business. These are things that would make you the best of the best, but nothing that would hold you back from your potential. 

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