Threat Intelligence

Greater visibility of threats before they strike

New cyber threats are appearing daily, and these threats come in all different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, there is not one single product that can protect you against every single attack but knowing when and where to look for danger is a critical part of being able to combat attacks and staying ahead of the attackers.

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    Insight into attackers' capabilities
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    Enable a proactive strategy
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    Multiple intelligence sources
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    Feeds into other security platforms
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    Keep up-to-date with the latest cyber threats

Threat Intelligence turns data into a valued commodity. Our threat intelligence analysts (Unit 12) continuously monitor and evaluate data from hundreds of sources including telemetry data from attempted attacks on our own customers, as well as open source & commercial feeds and reports focusing upon different industry sectors both global and UK specific. Ultimately allowing us to draft industry specific threat landscapes, to keep our clients armed with the knowledge of what they are facing and how we are protecting them as their landscape is constantly shifting.

But gathering the data is only part of the picture, as it’s what we then do with that data that then enables us to deliver proactive protection for our customers.

A proactive approach

Threat actors will often have a familiar approach to delivering their attack; known as TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures). Using our threat intelligence, we can understand who is attacking, what vulnerabilities are they are leveraging, what commands they are executing once initial access is gained and ultimately what their goal is. With this information we are then able to create detection and response rules which are applied to our customers’ security services to mitigate against any potential attacks.

Who benefits from Threat Intelligence?

We ingest the intelligence we gather into our managed services and reports so that our customers can better understand the threat landscape and develop a cyber security strategy that is robust and agile.

Directors: Threat intelligence data helps Directors gain an insight and an understanding of the threat landscape to help develop strategy and make high-level, informed decisions.

IT Staff: Educating staff on the threats posed to your business can change your strategy from reactive to proactive

SOC Team & Incident Responders: threat intelligence enables our analysts to investigate alerts and incidents quicker with greater context.

Moving unknown unknowns to known knowns!

Gathering and using threat intelligence gives us insight into attackers and their capabilities, providing invaluable information to enhance security, reduce time of discovery and enable a proactive adjustment to defences to react to the rapidly changing threat landscape.

By understanding these now known knowns, we can see the full picture and determine the intent of the cyber-attack and how to prevent it.

Threat Intelligence Data

Our threat intelligence data is broken down into 2 parts:

Unit 12, CyberGuard’s own intelligence team, gathers information from CyberGuard customers so an attack seen against one customer is analysed and the intelligence gained is added into a database. This intel is focused on mid-sized businesses in the UK.

Our Tier 1 Partner, who offer global intelligence from hundreds of sources and, using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence produces high quality threat data.

By working closely with our Tier 1 Partner, we can provide further intelligence using advanced machine-learning technologies and a unique pool of world experts that are capable of mining petabytes of rich threat data.

With our Tier 1 Partner’s vast global reach they can offer support with the latest threat intelligence from all around the world, helping maintain immunity to any previously unseen cyber-attacks.

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