Web & Email Security

Pass responsibility for your

web & email security

  • Real-time traffic inspection saving you time and increasing your productivity
  • Let us scan your emails for viruses, phishing threats, content violations and spam
  • Fully integrated security service

We all know that being secure is a relatively new burden to bear and cyber threats are increasing, therefore making your business safe from an attack should be a primary focus. However, we understand that not all IT Managers have the time or resources to make, and maintain, security as a priority.

OGL offers a number of services using the latest technologies to help keep your web and email secure, as well as free up your valuable time.

OGL's Web Security service, protects your business against harmful, offensive or inappropriate content, and offers comprehensive protection from web-borne malware using real-time traffic inspection which can save you time and increase your productivity.    

For increased security, OGL's Email Security service, offers protection for inbound and outbound emails. Using cloud-based technology, we scan your emails for viruses, phishing threats, content violations and spam. By doing this in the cloud we remove the burden on your local server.

If you want a fully integrated security service, we also provide a fully unified security service which includes Web Security, Email Security and Multi-Factor Cloud Application Authentication Security.

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