2023 sees five staff rack up 185 years service!

5 celebrate long service

We are always so proud to celebrate a long service anniversary, but this year marks a really special milestone for the Company with five members of staff all reaching their 35- or 40-years’ service. To recognise such outstanding service, the Company Directors treated them all to a lovely lunch at Brockencote Hall on Thursday.

Phil Hawkes celebrated his 40th anniversary on 1 January and commented: “I’m always struck, whenever I read about other people’s careers at OGL, by how many different roles they have fulfilled, each one usually leading to bigger and better things. In my case, I’m pretty much performing the same role today as when I first started in 1983, not because I’m stuck in a rut, but because I’ve never wanted any role other than continuing to develop the software – it’s just the programs that have got bigger and better. In addition, the work is never-ending, because you can always make improvements or add new features.”

Phil Hawkes receiving gift

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Sharon Moreno celebrated her 35th anniversary on 25 January and commented: “To me, what has made my time working at OGL so very special is not what I have achieved, even though I have accomplished lots since my humble beginnings working as Paul Byrne’s Junior Secretary, but the absolute privilege to have worked with so many fabulous people, whether that be customers or my colleagues.  People are the beating heart of this business and so many individuals have influenced my career in lots of different ways.”

Sharon Moreno presentation

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Sue Bullock celebrated her 35th anniversary on 15 February and commented: “I was lucky to find an interesting job that I have always enjoyed doing. There has never been a dull day. The software has changed so much.  From the early versions to the development of Prof.IT and then prof.ITplus and so many change requests from our customers.”

Sue Bullock Presentation

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Kevin Crowe celebrated his 40th anniversary on 1 March and commented: “It’s been an amazing 40 years with so many highlights… I’d like to finish with a personal thank you to all my colleagues within the business. A successful sale is totally reliant on great software and professional installation, training and project management, all followed by excellent after-sale support. Many of you have gone above and beyond for me over the years, so a heartfelt ‘thank you’.”

Kevin Crowe presentation

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Julie Grey celebrates her 35th anniversary on 4 May and commented: “I rocked up on my first day with my new briefcase, new suit and my 1980’s perm, and I knew there were exciting times ahead but did not expect 35 years of them!!!... I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing team of people. With the wonderful Claire Jones at the helm, it’s a little family unit with lots of banter yet everyone is so hard working and enthusiastic all striving for the same goal of making a success of Profit4.”

Julie Grey presentation

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Debbie Hotchkiss also joined the group for lunch having celebrated her 38-year anniversary last month. We look forward to marking her 40-year milestone in 2025!

Debbie Barton added her final comments: “Most companies might be lucky to have 1 or 2 members of staff that have worked for them for over 30 years, but to be recognising 5 members of staff celebrating their 35-year and 40-year service anniversaries (along with Debbie Hotchkiss 38 years and Andrew Davies 33 years) is an amazing achievement. I have had the pleasure of working with Phil, Kev, Sue, Sharon and Julie for the whole of that time and sitting around the table at our Long Service Lunch at Brokencote Hall, it was so wonderful to share so many memories over the years. It really makes you wonder where the time has gone, but it also makes you appreciate the irreplaceable role all of those people have had in making the company what it is today.

"My whole career has been with the Software Company, so I would like to say a personal thank you to each of you not only for your contribution but for the support you have given me over all of those years, it really has been a pleasure and a privilege working with you all.“