Access OGL Software remotely with cloud hosting solutions  

Benefit from the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing services with the Microsoft Azure platform. OGL Software can be hosted on-premise, but we recommend a cloud-hosted solution to future-proof your investment     

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    Flexible cloud computing solution
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    Infinite storage space
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    Fully scalable
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    High levels of security
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    Reduce IT maintenance costs

Hosting solutions for optimum software stability & performance

The data you hold in your OGL Software is critical, which is why choosing the right hosting solution and selecting a backup option to secure your data in a crisis is crucial to the effectiveness of your business.

Whilst we often recommend cloud hosting, to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability that brings, we recognise that your business may require an on-premise solution to meet your needs. This is why our IT Solutions division has the expertise and knowledge to recommend, install and monitor the solution that’s right for you.

Cloud Hosting with Microsoft Azure

Azure provides a flexible and scalable cloud platform to manage all your computer storage and networking requirements. Depending on your needs, Azure provides building blocks so you can migrate your data and applications from your existing on-premise servers and/or other data centres, in a way that suits you.

Why is Azure the best option for OGL Software?

Businesses often face two key challenges; budget constraints and excessive data growth. Azure provides a solution to help you stay agile whilst balancing growth in your IT resource needs and costs.

Typically, those companies that embrace digital transformation are well placed to outperform their competitors. Azure enables you to transform the way your business works and realise higher revenue margins as you improve efficiencies and reduce IT maintenance costs.

Moving to Microsoft Azure can seem daunting, that’s why OGL operates a consultative approach to migrating customers which enable us to design, deploy, manage and optimise the solutions we put in place to meet your business objectives.

Microsoft Azure Backup

Data backup and disaster recovery services encompass a set of solutions that are designed to ensure that critical business functions will either continue to operate despite serious incidents or will be recovered to an operational state within a defined period.

With Azure, we can offer a faster, better and lower cost backup solution. The agility and automation capabilities mean we can enable backup and recovery in seconds or minutes.

On-premise hosting solutions

We work with a number of world-renowned technology partners to offer you the latest high-spec on-site computer hardware. We’ll evaluate your requirements to design and deliver a flexible, cost-effective on-site network solution that is an ideal fit for your organisational needs. We can configure, manage and maintain your on-site IT infrastructure or we can leave full responsibility up to your own internal IT team. 

On-premise data backup solutions

In some situations, cloud backup solutions aren’t suitable, or, in some cases, businesses express a desire to keep all their data on-site. In that case, we can offer on-site solutions to ensure you have a failsafe backup in place to make your data quickly and easily recoverable if the worst does happen.

Remote server monitoring

A proactive IT solution to avoid unnecessary downtime, our remote monitoring service identifies issues, such as hard drive failures, that our dedicated team of engineers can quickly respond to, often before your staff even realise there is a problem.

Server downtime can lead to loss of orders and disgruntled customers and employees, leaving you to feel the effects for weeks after the incident. You can save both time and money by trusting us to proactively manage your server.

Your Trusted Technology Partner

Talk to one of our experts to understand the software and IT infrastructure solutions that are right for you.  

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